WordPress Captcha Plugin to Protect Your Website Site

WordPress provide the platform to create a Blogs as well as websites at World Wide Web. It is almost popular for Blog creation and it also a frame work of PHP.

Now a day’s spam attackers are increase so WordPress Captcha Plugin provide high security. Different Type of Captcha Plugins are available according to security.

CAPTCHA Means Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.

Wordpress Captcha Plugin for Website

Lots of users are using this platform for Website and Blog establishment. It contains some features like Login, Comment, Password Recovery, and Registration.

This all the feature require some security. Attackers are add some spamming links at your blog comment, registration form.

WordPress Captcha Plugin help to stop that spam attackers.

List of different type of WordPress Captcha Plugin.

SI Captcha for WordPress:

It is commonly used plugin and provide All in One Captcha Solution.

Really Simple Captcha:

It is another simple WordPress Captcha plugin apply mathematical puzzles like Add, Subtract, Multiply method instead of eye complex picture Captcha method.

It is genuinely simple Captcha plugin and does not exert alone. It only applied in contact form 7 otherwise used with above listed plugin.

Used this all Captcha by installing into your Blogs and Websites.

It decrees spam comments and also block the automated comments. Reflect on thing, it edicts spam opinion not wholly eliminate.

WP Recaptcha Plugin:

This is originated from Recaptcha Plugin. It is utilize ORC method read the character of the Captcha so it most widely used in the world including Facebook and Twitter.

Sweet Captcha revolutionary Plugin:

This plugin revolute in Captcha method which uses interactive images instead of regular boring and difficult input text method and Allows to design your own Captcha design.

Blue Captcha:

It is robust and highly customized WordPress plugin which uses “HoS” method with different 30 different background images. It track and block user’s log file and spammers IP address.

We have tested all these WordPress chaptcha plugins so that we get answer these can surly secure your wordpress site.


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