Discover Secret methods to Calculate EMI in Windows Calculator

Discover Secret methods to Calculate EMI in Windows Calculator

In the previous How to add Calculator in MS Excel? I’ve covered How to add calc icon on excel top menu. Today we are going to look into how to use windows calculator.  In topic you will learn easily calculate your monthly EMIs and I have also covered How to do simple calculation by Google.

Window calculator quite simple for do calculations such as days, weeks, mortgage EMIs, Fuel Economy and Vehicle leases.

Features of windows Calculator in Windows 7

  1. Using Scientific mode
  2. Using Programmer mode
  3. Using Statistics mode
  4. Using calculation history
  5. Calculate dates
  6. Calculate fuel economy, lease, or mortgage payments

How to change mode of windows Calculator?

  • Open Calculator
  • Click on View menu then select Scientific or Use Keyboard Shortcuts ALT + 2.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts to Change Mode

o   Programmer Mode keyboard shortcut ALT + 3.

o   Statistics Mode keyboard shortcut ALT + 4.

o   Standard Mode keyboard Shortcut ALT + 1.

How to view history and use windows calculator :

These feature to you can see your recent calculation.

  1. First open calculator.
  2. Click on View menu and find History then click on that.
  3. Or you can use keyboard shortcuts CTRL + H.

How to calculate Mortgage EMIs in windows 7 by calculator?

If you want to calculate percentage but not want to open calculator. Just open calculator and type “5% of 18000” then Google will give you instant answer.


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