Top 7 Web Analytics & hit counter for wordpress

Would you like to know how many visitors have been coming on your website? And what they are doing on your website? These Web Analytics and Visitor counter plugins can help you to know about visitors actions.

Most Popular Plugins for Web Analytics & Visitor counter

  • Jetpack – Web Analytics  Plugin for WordPress

Jetpack is most common stats plugin for WordPress. When you activate this plugin it’s instantly start to collecting data from your website. Which show you real-time visitor’s statistics such as number of visitors, Spiders, feeds, internet browsers, and OS. You can find more info on your website such as top pages, posts.

  • WassUp – Most Useful Visitor Counter Plugin

WassUp is one of the excellent plugin for visitor counter. You can download from WordPress website or login into your WordPress site and click on the plugin section where you can search it. WassUp give you most important information about visitor like his/her location, IP, and OS details. You can easily track them.

  • StatCounterMost Popular Web Analytics Plugin for WordPress

If you want to Web Analytics analysis for your WordPress Site. This plugin provides you lots of new features for tracking visitors. Here you can get visitors IP Address, Location through Google map, Browser and Device details. Its live tracking system is superb.  You can also do keyword research by this plugin.

Free Counter plugin is newest Web Analytics Plugin but it has lots for features for WordPress. You can track your visitor with browser brand which show you which browser is using for visit your website. It also give you country wise visit details to you. So download and use free plugin for WordPress.

This plugin is mostly used for visitor. So that visitor could know Total number of visitors, hits, on your website. It also show to everyone how many visitors are currently online? It is easy to manage by WordPress widgets for page.

This is one of the more informative plugin for Web Analytics. It provide you real-time visitor report with location. Its map visitors is very helpful, where you can embedded into any page of your website so your visitor can see how many visitors are currently online? How many visitors’ visit your website per day, weekly and monthly. It also show you many info like the city, state, country, and country flags. If you want to use this plugin you may pay for this plugin.

Google Analytics counter to you can get perfect Web Analytics  about your daily visitors. You can also get more important info of visitor such as IP Address, state, country, and OS details such as windows, or MAC and other OS. If you want to use this plugin first you need to have email address of google (Gmail) then you can access this plugin. You can track which pages are more popular and visitors are spending more time.

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      if you are looking for visitor hit counter for your website. my suggestion is to go with StatCounter. This is one of the best visitor counter plugin for your website.

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