The Best Place to Download jQuery Date Picker

The Best Place to Download jQuery Date Picker

When Web Designer and Developer building forms for web application, surly they used date picker. They describe jQuery date picker as user’s birthday, invoice date, and subscription start or expiry date.

In these jQuery date picker list can help you to discover free date picker plugins and downloads.

Also you will know which one is the best date picker plugin for designing and developing web application.


View and Download jQuery Date Picker


This is one of the best place where you can easy to download and check live preview on the site. Its design and codes are fully optimized.


  1. Display Multiple Months
  2. Change Date Formats
  3. Display Months years in Menu.
  4. Restrict date range
  5. Also Select Date range
  6. Display Week of the year
  7. Drop Down animations

Keith Wood Date Picker:

It shows inline calendar for selecting date range or individual date. It is developed into JavaScript and light weight version for developers and designer.

The most important thing of this datepicker is supporting all kinds cross browser.


  1. Simple way to change Date Format
  2. Easily Set Date Range
  3. Customize Layouts and Design
  4. Custom Validation
  5. Optimized JavaScript Code

Bootstrap Datepicker:

The Bootstrap Datepicker is one of the excellent plugin for front developer and website developer. It allows you to set date in field input and also add calendar icon in field set.

It allows you to disable past date and custom date disable. In this jQuery date picker you can easily set minimum date and maximum date.


  1. Optimized JS codes
  2. Easily change colors and designs
  3. Compatibility with latest browsers and old browsers.
  4. Easily adjust view mode to months
  5. Set disable date range

Zebra Datepicker:

It is light weight and quick responsive datepicker which allows you to customize appearance and CSS with 2 default themes.  

Its design and UI is very attractive and informative so users can easily navigate.


  1. Small and compacts JavaScript size
  2. Support Old and New Browsers
  3. Easily customize design
  4. Disabling Dates and Date range

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