How to Use Gmail Task List?

It is use to keep track of things you need to do. You can create task lists of items, set due dates and notes, and even add Gmail messages directly to Gmail Task.
Now let me explain the procedure of Adding Gmail Task List.

To add Task in your Gmail, click arrow on the “Mail” menu in the upper-left corner of the Gmail window and select “Tasks.”
Than “Task” Window will open on the Bottom-Right Corner of Gmail Window, and you will notice a cursor clinking in the first empty task, if not than move mouse Cursor over there and Click on it.
Then write something over there and click on Plus Icon to create additional task

How to Create a Task from Gmail Task?

First of all select Email you want to add as task, now click on the “More” Button and select “Add to Task” from the list.
It will be automatically added to the New Task. A link to “Related Email” is added to the Task.

On Clicking on “Related Email” the email will directly get open.

How to Reorder Task from Gmail Task?

You can also reorder your Task. Simply move your Mouse Cursor over the task, near to small box on left-side. You will see dotted Border, as soon you see it click and drag that border up or down wherever you want to place your task.
How to add Task in the Middle of your Task List?
First of all bring the Mouse Cursor at the end of the Previous Task. Then press “Enter” a new task is added after that task/

How to Create a Subtask?

If one of your tasks has subtasks, you can easily add these subtasks to the task.

Add the subtask under a task and then press “Tab” to indent it. Press “Shift + Tab” to move a task back to the left.

How to Add Details to Gmail Task?

Sometimes we want to add Details like Due Dates (with Calendar) and some notes and not want to create Subtask, Look at the Right Side of Task in which you want to fill Detail, Arrow will appear over there, click on that the form with Due Date and add Notes will appear.
Add all the Details and it will display below the Task.

Clicking on either link allows you to edit that part of the task.

How to Rename a Task List?

Your task list is titled with the name of your Gmail account. You can Rename the task by clicking on the “Switch List” icon in the lower-right of the “Task” Window and select “rename List” from the Pop-up menu.

Write a name you want and press ok in the dialog Box.

How to Print or Email Your Gmail Task List?

You can print task by Clicking on “Action” button. As you click on it Pop-up menu will open then select a “Print Task List” from it. So your Email will print.
If you want to Email the Task to yourself or to anyone do the following: Action-Email Task List.

How to Create Additional Task Lists in Gmail task?

To add new Task click on the “Switch List” icon in the lower-right of the “Task” Window and select “New List” from the popup menu.
Then Dialog box will get open with “Create a new list named” tag edit it and press ok
Then new list is created and it is automatically switches to the new list in the “Task” window.

How to Switch to a Different Task List?

You can easily switch to another task list by clicking the “Switch list” icon and select the name of the desired list from the popup menu.

How to Check Off Completed Tasks?

When you have completed your Task and want to check off it. To check it select the small check box to the left side of the task. A check mark displays and the task is crossed out.

How to Clear Completed Tasks?

To clear the task click on the “Action” button in the Bottom from that select “Clear completed tasks” from menu.

The completed task is removed from the list and a new, empty task is added by default.

you have learnt clear completed task from your gmail task list.

How to View Hidden Completed Tasks in Gmail Task?

When you clear your Task it is not completely deleted, they are simply hidden. To view that hidden task click “Actions” and select “View completed tasks” from the popup menu.

How to Delete a Task from Gmail Task list?

You can delete your task whether it is completed or not?
To delete task click the “Trash” icon at the bottom of the “Task” window.
NOTE: Deletions of tasks take effect immediately in your “Tasks” window. However, Google says that residual copies may take up to 30 days to be deleted from their servers.

How to View Your List in a Pop-Out Window?

You can see your Task in Separate Window. If you have a large enough screen, this is useful so you can see the entire Gmail window without it being blocked by the “Tasks” window.
To make a separate “Task” window, click on the “Pop-out” arrow at the top of the “Task”, it will get open separately from the Browser Window.

All the Same menus and option are available, there is no change in it including Pop-in button.
By clicking Pop-in button “Tasks” window to the lower-right corner of the browser window.

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