Top 4 Unique and Cool Gadgets | Available Online in India

Top 4 Unique and Cool Gadgets | Available Online in India

With the changing life, technology is also changing constantly. Today, we have reached to the level where whatever we think can turn into reality due to advanced unique and cool gadgets technology.

All we want is to live an easier life and the most interest thing is there are lot of amazing gadgets available at our fingertips.

Yes, there are gadgets that can make our life easier.

Thanks to those people who are constantly focusing on developing such unique and cool gadgets that are very helpful for us in our daily life.

So, we are here with some unique and latest gadgets available online in India. After learning about these gadgets you will be amazed.

Here we are listing below the top 4 unique and cool gadgets that are available online at amazon.

After reading this article you will definitely want to buy these products. So stay tuned and keep reading.

Top 4 Unique and Cool Gadgets

Gadgets are something that can make us feel like “WOW, This is What I Needed!”

Let’s know more about these products in detail one by one.

Foldable Water Bottle

The foldable water bottle of Beldaenova Nayka is made up of Silicone material and it is a Portable Leak Proof Foldable Water Bottle.

The most disgusting problem of water bottles is Leakage. But this Foldable water bottle comes with protected lid that helps in avoiding leakage.

The body of the bottle is made up of silicone material. Silicon material is very flexible and durable. This bottle is available in multicolour.

The best part of this bottle is that it is adjustable. Yes, you can adjust this bottle as per your requirement and convenience.

The height of the bottle is 9.1 inches and it can be adjustable to 5.1 inch also. You can carry it as per your requirement and space.

It holds up to 550 ml water or any other liquid. This bottle is durable and easy to use.

You can buy this unique gadget i.e. unique water bottle online on amazon.

Touch Lamp Speaker

Listening songs is something that we all love. But do you know that simple speakers have become boring now-a-days.

Thanks to the amazing technology we can change this boring speaker with the touch lamp speaker.

Azacus Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker comes with Smart Touch LED Mood Lamp, SD Card and Mic what else we need?

This lamp speaker is 3 in 1 speaker i.e. Bluetooth speaker, music player and lamp – 3 features rolled into one.

This Bluetooth speaker is a visually led lamp too. It gives seven colour variants – a shade for every day of the week, or a shade for different moods.

It also has 3 brightness shades (dim, intermediate, high) that you can adjust based on the time, location and available lighting. The built-in smart sensor technology allows you to change colour and brightness with a simple tap.

You can connect your smartphone to the speaker through Bluetooth and you’re ready to manage your voice calls with ease. Answer calls and enjoy conversations with ease.

This Lamp Speaker comes with wireless phone answering facility, Compatible with all the Bluetooth devices. It is Multifunctional, smart, low-key and simple.

It supports micro SD card and AUX input so you can enjoy it anywhere, Long play time, 3W output – enjoy the music indoors and outdoors.

This speaker has convenient metal handle for easy carrying and hanging up, good to gift great to own.

Foldable Iron

The 3rd Item most unique gadget that you will wish to buy is Foldable Iron. Have you ever wondered that iron can also come in foldable iron?

Petrice is a Travel Iron, Portable Powerful Variable Temperature, Mini Electrical Steam Iron with Foldable Handle, Compact & Lightweight (White).

This iron is a foldable iron that can be easily carried while travelling. It is a travel steam iron.

Handy Travel Iron with Steamer is your best choice for business trip, travelling. Mini iron is also suitable for students. It is Lightweight portable, and very easy to use.

It has 3 grades for temperature adjustable control (low/middle/high), great for quick touch-ups at home and away.

Portable travel iron sets crisp creases and removes wrinkles with 700 watts low power consumption, works on almost all fabrics.

Foldable Bag

Along with foldable bottle, foldable iron we will also talk about foldable bag. Foldable bag is also a unique and cool gadget ant it is available online on amazon.

Alwafli Foldable Bag is made up of Polyester Material. It has Large Capacity and it is a Waterproof Foldable Lightweight Big Carry.

The Alwafli foldable bag is Waterproof & Moisture Proof bag. It will be your best choice while encountering a rainy day on a trip.

You can attach on the draw bar of suitcase, luggage etc. It can be folded into a small bag, which is convenient to carry.

The specification of this foldable bag is it is of Cube shape; Dimensions when Open (LxWxH) in cm: 46 x 20 x 34.5; Folded Size: 19.5×14.5 x 3.


In this above article, you came to know about some of the most unique and cool gadgets that are available online in India.

Go and get this product and make your life even easier and comfortable.  

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