Learn How to use Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts for Desktop

Twitter is one of the best social media website for share thoughts and ideas. This is very popular in social market because twitter has more than 500 million users. On Twitter, people are doing tweets, retweets, and replies and messaging. Are you using twitter long time and do you know twitter allow you to use twitter keyboard shortcuts?

keyboard shortcuts are important because it is easy to use and make your work faster.

You should know about how twitter works and how you can optimize your activities via twitter shortcuts.

If you want to save time on twitter then you should know about twitter keyboard shortcuts.

What people can do with twitter shortcut?

  • Tweet
  • Retweet
  • Replies
  • Messages
  • Favorites
  • Check Tweets
  • Search photos and videos

#1 Navigation Shortcuts for Twitter

  • “j” : move next tweet
  • “j” : move previous tweet
  • “Enter” : drill down into tweet and open tweet details
  • “Space” : check tweets with page down
  • “Shift+space” :  Page UP
  • “/” :  jump on the search box
  • “.” : to load new tweets and jump back to the top

#2 Keyboard Shortcuts for Twitter Timelines

  • Home : Press “g” key then Press “h”

If you want to back on homepage, you do not need to use scroll or use mouse move to left or right. You just press ‘g h’ you will automatically straight to your home page feed.

  • Replies/Mentions : Press “g” then Press “r”

If you want to mention someone, who is following you, you can directly open mention page without using mouse. Just press ‘g r’.

  • Move to your profile : Press “g” then Press “p”

If you are on other pages like mention or tweet page and you want to move on your profile without click on profile menu. Just press ‘g p’ you will automatically move on your profile page.

  • Move to Your favorites tweet : Press “g” then press “f”

if you like any tweet on twitter’s home feed, you just open that tweet and press ‘g h’ keys it will automatically do favorites tweet.

  • View conversation : Press “j” then “Enter”

When you are checking tweets and you like any tweet and want to view quick conversation then use keyboard shortcut it will help to you open tweet’s conversation without using mouse. Just press “j” then press “Enter”.

  • Go to Your Direct Messages :  Press “g” key then “m”

If you want to send a DM (direct message) to your follower, press D then M you will get a popup of your follower’s list. Just select any follower via “Enter” and click next button, then you get direct message Box type your message, your selected follower will get your message.

  • Go to user : Press “g” key then “u”

If you want to move your follower’s profile page just press ‘g’ then press ’u’, you will get dialog box of Go to person’s profile, just type of your follower’s name. You will get the list of persons, and then select any one and move direct on their profile.

#3 Find a Quick way to Use Twitter Shortcuts for Selected Tweet

  • Favorite : “f
  • Reply: “r
  • Retweet : “t
  • search photos : “sp
  • search videos: “sv

#4 Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts: How to use twitter shortcuts on desktop

  • m to send a direct message
  • n to compose a new tweet
  • Escape to cancel a compose window, dismiss the help window

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