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Top 5 Tutorial Excel for Computer Operator



Learn more about  tutorial excel and tricks which you never used.

How to Transposing columns and rows in Microsoft Excel?

If you want to work with the row or column of heading on your sheet with better the opposite way, here I am sharing easy way to transpose them with tutorial Excel.

1 – Select the cells in the row that contain the headings.

2 – Either right-click and select Copy or click the Copy button on the Home tab of the menu toolbar.

3 – Select the cell in the column where you want the titles to start.

4 – Either right-click and select Paste Special or click Paste and then Paste Special on the Home tab of the menu toolbar.

5 – Select the checkbox near the bottom right that says Transpose.

6 – Click OK.

If you are transposing from a column to a row use this function works then similar way use of Excel tips and Tricks.

How to Freezing a row with a column?

Your excel spreadsheet contains a lot of data because of  you scroll to see it all, you can’t see the headings and title of a row and column at the same time, so now I am share with you simple method to freeze both follow these Excel tips and Tricks step by step.

1 – Select the cell at the common point between the row and the column. Click on the cell directly below where the row headings start and directly to the right of where the column headings start.

2     – Second step On the View tab of the toolbar, click Freeze Panes.

3 – In the Freeze Panes drop-down, select the Freeze Panes option.

After follow the steps you will see a black line / border underneath the row of headings or title and along the right of the columns of headings or title. When you want to unfreeze these areas, select the Unfreeze Panes option in the drop-down from Third Step.

Easily fill a column with the same formula or data

You may have a column of formulas or data that you would like to extend to the end of the data within the sheet. Rather than retyping or dragging to the end of a long data set there is an easier way.

1- Click on the cell containing the formula or data.

2- The mouse over the bottom right corner of the cell until a plus sign appears.

3- Double-click the mouse.

The formula or data should then be extended to the end of your data set.

Link to other tabs in the workbook

Here You will learn about how to link one worksheet to another worksheet

If your workbook has several tabs and you want to link it. I will guide you how can you link to each other? You can simply link to these inside your spreadsheet.

1- Select the cell containing the data that you want to link to another tab.

2 – Right-click and select Hyperlink or on the Insert tab click Hyperlink on the toolbar.

3 – In the pop-up, select Place in this Document under “Link To” on the left.

Fourth step Under “Or select a place in this document” a list of tabs appears. Select the correct tab you would like to link to and click OK.

Print a row or column of headings on each page

When printing the spreadsheet there may be lots of pages. Showing the headings of a row or column on each of those pages. Here I will guide you how you can do it.

Step 1 – Select the Page Layout tab and click the Print Titles button.

Step 2 – On the Sheet tab of the pop-up place your cursor in the “Rows to repeat at top” field.

Step 3 – Click on the row with the headings. Do this while the pop-up is displayed; it should remain visible.

Step 4 – Once the row is clicked, you should then see it appear in the “Rows to repeat at top” field.

Step 5 – Click OK.

The same steps can be followed for a column of headings by using the “Columns to repeat at left” field beginning with Step 2.

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Most Powerful: Tips and Tricks in Microsoft Excel for Starters



Excel or commonly known as the spreadsheet is a powerful tool when one knows how to use it. It starts with the basic to advanced techniques for making tedious task an easy one.

But, it’s a great loss for the ones who have them on their home screen but do not how to use it.

Microsoft has made various innovations over the years in the spreadsheet but the basic has always been the cornerstone for each version of Excel.

Excel is a vast tool which has unmeasured functions if known how to use it correctly.

Here, we will highlight only the basic tricks and tips for starters that you can lay your hands on if you are learning excel.

One click for selecting all

Just like the shortcut key Ctrl+A, the icon on the top left corner allows you to select all the elements in the spreadsheet.

Advanced Excel Tips to Open multiple excel sheets

When there is a need to navigate through multiple spreadsheets, just select different excel files and press enter.

Adding rows or columns

In order to insert more than one row or column, you can drag and select you are required no of rows and columns above or left.

Then you are desired no of rows and columns will be inserted.

Copying similar data in cells

You can easily copy all the same data from one column to another.

Just press Ctrl button before you drag to move the data.

The data will be copied.

Transposing Data

For the better display of your data, you can transpose the row into the column or vice versa.

To do this,

first copy the portion that is to be transposed and move the pointer to another blank location.

Then go to home>paste>transpose.

Dealing with data which starts with zero

The data with zero are automatically removed from excel.

To prevent this,

you can simply add a single quote mark in front of first zero.

Then there is your solution.

Get more status

After you’ve input the data, you might want to check the status of your data.

Here’s how you can do it.

You can point to the bottom tab and right click to see the status of date like sum, average, max, min etc.

Renaming the cells

Most people will right click and rename the data cell to input new name in the sheet. However, to save the time, you can double click and rename the data cell in the blink of an eye.

Deleting blank cells: Advanced Excel Tricks

In the spreadsheet data, default data can be blank for different known and unknown reasons. So, in order to maintain accuracy while finding average etc, you can filter out the blank cells and delete them.

Here’s how you do it.

Go to Data>filter.

In the filter as the downward button shows up, you have to undo select all and tick the last option i.e. blank.

Then all the blank cells will be selected.

Now you can delete them directly from the home.

Most important Excel Tips to Create a new shortcut menu

Excel is known for its efficiency. Shortcuts like save, undo typing, repeat typing helps to make work faster in Excel.

However, if you want to have more shortcut option keys to be shown in the menu then here’s how you can do it:

Go to

file>option>quick access toolbar; add the desired option from the left column to the right and save it.

This is how you add other options in the top menu.


These are some of the basic tips in Excel for any beginner to work with data.

However, there are only handfuls of people in the world who truly know all the excel tips and tricks.

If practiced and experimented often, you too can become a master in a spreadsheet and will be amazed by how powerful and handy excel tips is.

This article was written by Dumhash

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How to Protect Excel WorkSheet with Password Spreadsheet 2013



If you thought, how to do password spreadsheet or protect excel worksheet for a long time. Then you are at the right place, here we will show you step by step methods to protect your excel sheet and their workbook.

We know why it is more important cause excel mostly use for store numeric data or sales report and other companies information.

Excel is most useful application for business because excel gives you many features for calculating and managing companies data with regular work reports.

You must know how to do protect excel worksheet, therefore nobody can edit anything in your excel worksheet and open without your permission.

Today I am going to teach you some advance methods to do password spreadsheet and protect excel worksheet, which never seen before. To get started to protect your excel Files.

Simple methods to password protect excel worksheet

How to do password protected cells and lock cells

#1. Select all Cells

#2. Then Right click and Select Format Cells

#3. Format Cells Dialog box is Open. Now click on Protection Tab. Unchecked locked Checkbox, then click OK Button.

#4. Select particular cells which you want to protect so nobody cannot change anything in selected Cells.

#5. Now click on Review tab and then click on Protect Sheet

#6. Add password

#7. Reenter password to procced

Now cells are protected with lock Cells in excel 2013.

How to make protected password spreadsheets

Protect Spreadsheets is another best option for protect excel worksheet. Now we are going to learn how to add password into your spreadsheets or worksheet.

Let’s jump in it.

#1. Open your Excel file which you want to Protect.

#2. First Select your Sheet that you want to password protect.

#3. Right Click on Excel Sheet “Employee” and Select “Protect Sheet…

#4 Add password then again reenter password.

Now your worksheet is protected by this method.

Simple and Easy way to protect workbook

There are two options to protect workbook. First one is Protect workbook required password to open excel workbook, and another is protect workbook structure, in this you can open excel worksheet but can’t delete or edit any records.

Let’s learn

How to make password protected excel workbook

#1. First click on File menu Tab.

#2. Select Info and Click on Protect Workbook Box.

#4. Encrypt with Password

Your workbook is now protected.

i hope you like How to protect excel worksheet and do password spreadsheet. if you like it then please share with your friends. if may be have any query or suggestion please comment us.

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How to Linking Cells to another Excel Worksheets

Learn how you can easily linking cells to any worksheets on excel program. Referencing Cells to change cells value dynamically to any worksheets.



Linking cells or referencing cells is very essential things of excel, where you can get dynamic data from one worksheet to another worksheets. For example if you changed cell values in Worksheet A, it will automatically change value in your reference cells of Worksheet B. If you would like to open many worksheets in same excel program, you can either referencing cells which dynamically changed when you changed into main worksheet. These simple guides and couple of ways to you can learn linking cells with one worksheet to another worksheets.

Create New Worksheets:

First we need to create two workbook, first one is student Marks, and Marks Details. Create fields like name, subjects and totals. Then after make another worksheet that is Marks Results, in this only make two fields like name and totals.

Linking Cells with another Worksheet:

Let’s begin with first step. Click on the cell and copy, then this copy cell paste to other worksheet’s cells with paste link. In this features you can see data is totally dynamic. When you change the primary cells then it will automatically change reference cell’s value.

View spreadsheet Excel side by side:

Open and view many worksheets side by side in excel sheet.

  1. First Create two worksheets in excel.
  2. Click on View tab in Excel.
  3. Click on New Window
  4. Then click on Arrange All
  5. You will see popup box.
  6. Select Tiled and click on OK button.

Now you have learn linking cells and referencing cells to another worksheets, and also view two worksheet at the same time and same place.

You May Also Like to Read: Learn best tips and tricks of Excel  

This topic you will get quick knowledge of linking cells and multiple worksheets. If you like it then share your friends.

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