Top 5 Tutorial Excel for Computer Operator

Learn more about  tutorial excel and tricks which you never used.

How to Transposing columns and rows in Microsoft Excel?


If you want to work with the row or column of heading on your sheet with better the opposite way, here I am sharing easy way to transpose them with tutorial Excel.

1 – Select the cells in the row that contain the headings.

2 – Either right-click and select Copy or click the Copy button on the Home tab of the menu toolbar.

3 – Select the cell in the column where you want the titles to start.

4 – Either right-click and select Paste Special or click Paste and then Paste Special on the Home tab of the menu toolbar.

5 – Select the checkbox near the bottom right that says Transpose.

6 – Click OK.

If you are transposing from a column to a row use this function works then similar way use of Excel tips and Tricks.

How to Freezing a row with a column?


Your excel spreadsheet contains a lot of data because of  you scroll to see it all, you can’t see the headings and title of a row and column at the same time, so now I am share with you simple method to freeze both follow these Excel tips and Tricks step by step.

1 – Select the cell at the common point between the row and the column. Click on the cell directly below where the row headings start and directly to the right of where the column headings start.

2     – Second step On the View tab of the toolbar, click Freeze Panes.

3 – In the Freeze Panes drop-down, select the Freeze Panes option.

After follow the steps you will see a black line / border underneath the row of headings or title and along the right of the columns of headings or title. When you want to unfreeze these areas, select the Unfreeze Panes option in the drop-down from Third Step.

Easily fill a column with the same formula or data


You may have a column of formulas or data that you would like to extend to the end of the data within the sheet. Rather than retyping or dragging to the end of a long data set there is an easier way.

1- Click on the cell containing the formula or data.

2- The mouse over the bottom right corner of the cell until a plus sign appears.

3- Double-click the mouse.

The formula or data should then be extended to the end of your data set.

Link to other tabs in the workbook

Excel tips and Tricks Link Workbook in Excel
Here You will learn about how to link one worksheet to another worksheet


If your workbook has several tabs and you want to link it. I will guide you how can you link to each other? You can simply link to these inside your spreadsheet.

1- Select the cell containing the data that you want to link to another tab.

2 – Right-click and select Hyperlink or on the Insert tab click Hyperlink on the toolbar.

3 – In the pop-up, select Place in this Document under “Link To” on the left.

Fourth step Under “Or select a place in this document” a list of tabs appears. Select the correct tab you would like to link to and click OK.

Print a row or column of headings on each page


When printing the spreadsheet there may be lots of pages. Showing the headings of a row or column on each of those pages. Here I will guide you how you can do it.

Step 1 – Select the Page Layout tab and click the Print Titles button.

Step 2 – On the Sheet tab of the pop-up place your cursor in the “Rows to repeat at top” field.

Step 3 – Click on the row with the headings. Do this while the pop-up is displayed; it should remain visible.

Step 4 – Once the row is clicked, you should then see it appear in the “Rows to repeat at top” field.

Step 5 – Click OK.

The same steps can be followed for a column of headings by using the “Columns to repeat at left” field beginning with Step 2.

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