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How to Stop Pop Up Ads on Android Phone?

Do you want to stop popup ads on android phone? if you are getting always ads on your homescreen and you are thinking how to stop pop up ads on android home screen?

Here i will guide you, How to block ads and stop pop up ads on android phone.

If you are using an android mobile it’s obvious that you have Internet in it. And if there is an internet connection it’s even more obvious that you will visit to different-different websites.

So, you must have gone through many ads that keep on disturbing you. Right?

But do you know from where these ads come from? What are the reasons why such ads keep irritating us?

Moreover, the foremost important question, How to Stop Pop Up Ads on Android home screen? Exactly, this is what we are going to share how to Stop Pop Up Ads on android phone?

But before moving ahead, let’s first find the reason behind popping ads.

What are the reasons behind the popup ads?

So, here we are giving answers to all your question and revealing the reason behind pop-up ads. Keep reading and stay till the end!

When you visit any website there are some cookies that stores in your browser and these cookies keep doing its work i.e. to store data, redirecting at different websites.

These cookies are the reason why the ads keep popping up on your screen. Most importantly, sometimes such ads can also come in virus form and destroy your device.

Well, coming back to main point

How do I Stop Pop Up Ads On Android Phone?

But there are three types of Pop up ads. On android  

  1. Ads On Notification Area
  2. Full screen ads on App
  3. Browser ads

Let’s learn removing pop up ads on android.

Ads On Notification Area – Stop Ads

Popup ads are frustrating on a mobile device with limited screen size. If you’re irritated of popups ruining your phone experience, we’ll explain how to stop pop up ads on your Android phone.

Ads on notification may not be pop-up ads but still they are ads that are as much annoying as pop-up ads. Removing pop up ads on android is very necessary.

Steps To Block Ads On Notification Bar

The following are the steps of how to stop Pop-Up ads on Android phone. And if you follow the whole step definitely you will learn removing pop up ads on android. It might differ with the mobile versions.

  1. Pull down the top of your screen to open notification area.
  2. Then long press on the notification (the name of the app responsible for it will be visible).
  3. Then tap on the i  the circle icon to open the app’s info.
  4. Then tap the notification entry to change setting for the app’s notification.
  5. Then you can disable all the notification for an app (whichever bothers you) by turning off the slider.
  6. Now, the ads are been disabled.

So, this was the simple and easy steps to get rid of ads from notification bar.

Full Screen Ads On App – Block Ads

The one of the most frustrating kind of ads are the ads on app that too full screen ads. Whenever you open an app it immediately hides the actual content and starts showing pop-up ads.

Moreover, there are chances that these apps may contain virus that might be harmful for your device and the personal information stored in the device.

If you constantly see popups when you are using a game app or any other app, there are chances that the app is culprit. In this case, there are two ways:

  1. Stop using the app if it’s not so important.
  2. You can purchase the Pro or Ad-free versions of the app. You will find these as an in-app purchase.

Browser Ads – How to Stop Ads on browser

The next most important type of ad after ads in app is browser ads or may say chrome ads.

These ads are the most irritating ads. It bounces or pop-up when you are reading something or doing something important. So, blocking such ads is very much important.

  • Steps To Get Rid Of Browser AdsLearn how to stop pop up ads on android phone

The following are the steps to stop ads on browser. Keep following it step by step.

  1.  Open Chrome in your android mobile.
  2. The press on the menu button (three dots).
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Then go to site settings.
  5. Then tap on the pop-ups and redirect entry.
  6. Make sure the slider should in Off Position.
  7. And the popups are been blocked.

So, by following all the above steps you can easily block all the ads on your android mobile. You can easily get rid of browser ads, ads in app and notification ads.

Removing pop up ads on android will boost your phones performance. You can easily get rid of all the unwanted stuffs and can enjoy your phone performance.

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