How to show and hide taskbar icons in Windows 7

Do you want to arrange or organize your active and inactive application or hide and show your windows tray icons? Here I will show you most useful; examples which can help you to arrange taskbar icons in order to access very easily.


How to show and hide taskbar icons?

Taskbar is show you important notifications and alerts. It provides information about coming emails, network status, and its connectivity. But sometimes we need to see or hide. Follow these methods that will give you perfect solution. 

Remove icons from Your Taskbar

  1. Click on Start Button, find Control Panel.
  2. Clicking Appearance and Personalization and then open taskbar and start Menu.
  3. Open Notification Area Icons
  4. Clicking on Hide icon and notifications
  5. You will see which icon you want to hide that will hide from task bar.

This is very long process to hide taskbar icons from windows 7  which I have explained to you. Now, I show to you easy and fast ways for show and hiding  taskbar icons from taskbar just simple drag and drop.

See Demo – Show and hide taskbar icons in Window 7


hide taskbar icons

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