How to write email in Hindi – Gmail Tips 2015

Hello friends, Today’s topic is how to send email in Hindi language? It is very unique topic for sending email, sometimes we are facing problem when somebody is can’t understand English language and you want to explain something. Language is very important for us, it provides the platform to explain about feelings. Write email in Hindi Language If you are using Gmail then just active language option and compose and send email in Hindi language. Here you can write email by draw and INSCRIPT.

How to send email in Hindi Language?

  1. Open you Gmail Account
  2. Click  on Gmail settings  the “Gear icon” on the top right
  3. Select “Settings”.
  4. Click on general tab and find language.
  5. Click on Show all language options.
  6. Click on check box Enable input tools
  7. Find Hindi language
  8. Select Hindi, Hindi (INSCRIPT)and click on right side arrow.
  9. Click OK

Now your Hindi language is activated into Gmail. If you want better understanding following this video it will help you more.

Input tool for typing:

Handwriting input:  you can write words by mouse and trackpad.

Keyboard INSCRIPT: you can write words by keyboards.

How to use Handwriting input in Gmail?  

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