Pro Tips: How to Select Best Domain name and Extensions for Website

Do you know how many domain extensions are available for your website? The .com extension is most popular extensions for the website, but sometimes domains are not available in .com then what you do?

Don’t worry today I share with you updated and very new domain name extensions lists.

Which is the best domain name extension for Your Website

If you worried about someone has buy your product or service’s domains and you not able to buy that domain. An internationalized domain name (IDNhas provide best ways to book your domain with services extensions for example if you are in construction industries, you may buy like “”, “”.

.academy – private academic institutes

.aero – air-transport industry

.agency – businesses

.bargains – coupons and online sellers

.bid – online auctions

.bike – bicycles
.biz – business

.blackfriday – retailers

.blue – those who like blue

.boutique – beauty-care businesses

.build – construction industry

.builders – construction workers

.buzz – marketing and social networking

.cab – cabs and taxi companies

.camera – camera-related businesses

.camp – camps and camping

.cards – general

.catering – catering businesses

.careers – Job boards

.cleaning – cleaning services

.club – clubs, organizations, assemblies

.codescomputer and/or encryption code enthusiasts

.coffee – coffee aficionados

.community – social groups, neighborhoods

.company – companies

.construction – construction industry

.contractors – contractors

.cool – General interests

.coop – cooperatives

.dating – online dating

.diamonds – diamond and jewelry industry

.directory – general directory

.education – educational institutes

.email – Email

.enterprises – businesses

.estate – real estate businesses

.events – events

.expert – generic

.farm – farms and agriculture

.fish – fishing businesses, sports, and interests

.flights – airline businesses and travel

.florist – florists

.gallery – photo and art galleries

.glass – window-related businesses

.graphics – graphics

.guru – generic

.holiday – holiday gift industry

.industries – industrial businesses

.info – information

.institute – institutes

.jobs – companies

.land – real estate

.lighting – lighting

.museum – museums

.ninja – general

.photo – photography and photo-sharing

.pics – photography and photo-sharing

.support – help pages

.tattoo – tattoo aficionados

.asia – Asia-Pacific region

Now you have got the information about how to get unique and best domain name for your business or services. These new domain extensions to grow your business so your client can find you on the internet with your business categories or services categories.

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