Save your Tweet Archive to Twitter as offline Tweets

Save your Tweet Archive to Twitter as offline Tweets

Here you will learn how to save tweet archive for your computer and read any time, without internet connection. You not need to download any third party extensions or plugins for download or save your favorites tweets from twitter. This feature to you can easily move your tweets from one computer to another computer. Follow these simple guide and archives your tweets from twitter account.


Read Your tweet archive Offline By These Easy Steps

1. Login into Your Twitter Account

First you need to create account into twitter or go to the twitter home page and Login with your email and password clicking on the Login button.


2. Find Gear Icon

To open your tweet archive, first click on the right-hand side top corner gear icon and click on “Setting”. Here you will see Account settings like username, emails, language and time zone.



3.Content Section to Save Tweet Archive and Get your Twitter archive

In this section you can save your tweets and get your twitter archive on email. Find “Your Twitter archive” click for “Request Your archive” then you will see message that telling you link will be sent to the your email address.



4. Save and Download Your Tweet archive

It will need unique link which tweeter send to email address. Just click on “Go Now” then you redirect on download tweeter archive page. Here you will download your all twitter’s old and new tweets, which you can use without internet connect and move one computer to another computer very easily.



5. Download Tweets archive



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I am sure you like this topic use this method, and download or save your tweet archive straightforwardly. You can also share this topic to your friend and free feel to comment us for any query.

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