How to Export Gmail Contacts For Outlook

Your contacts is very important assets for you like your rolodex and Gmail Contacts. Its help you much when you move office one place to other place. You will make sure your rolodex comes with you.

Gmail has great feature to Export and store your contacts into CSV format. You can transfer these contacts to one email service providers to another email service providers. Here you can easily learn how to export Gmail contacts?

How to Export Gmail Contacts to your Google Accounts?


Step 1: Login into Your Gmail Account:


First we need to login into your Gmail account. Gmail is also provide apps which you can use with your mobile and tablet but you can’t export contacts. If you want to export contacts from your account, you need to login from Gmail Web Interface. It will give you the options for download contacts.


Step 2: After Login


You will see in left top corner Gmail arrow button, click on that and select “contacts”.


Step 3: Now you are on Gmail Contacts


Here you can select the contact which you want to export. You can select contact with main check box button on the top where you can down arrow. This down arrow to you can select all the contacts, select contact only starts, without starts, and none of them. Select contacts as per your requirement and find more button on the top of menu.


Step 4: Click on the More down arrow


Now you have selected all the contacts and just click on the more down arrow. Select export… from the menu.


Step 5: Select Group of Gmail contacts for Export


If you have selected specific contacts in step 3 then you can also choose the contact options. For example “Groups of contacts“. You can also see the numbers of contacts in a groups.


Step 6: Select Your Gmail Contacts Export Format


In this you can for download into three formats such as Google CSV, Outlook CSV and Vcard.

  1. Google CSV: if you want to add your contacts to new Gmail accounts then it is best option for which easily import contacts from this CSV format.
  2. Outlook CSV: This is the finest option for exporting your contacts for different programs and services that can simply import CSV files.  Such as Outlook, Yahoo, and
  3. Vcard: it is the best option for organize your contacts for different programs like address book, iCloud, and other contact organizer programs.

Step 7: Download the file in Your System:


When you have selected formats and also clicked on the export menu button. It will automatically download CSV file into your system.

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