Save excel chart or works as Images or PDF

Sometimes we need to present our excel data into images or pdf in certain situations. If you don’t know how to save excel tables and chart into images or pdf formats, don’t worry here you will learn some quick and fast ways to export excel spreadsheet into pdf or images (png, jpg, gif).

Microsoft Word to Save Excel Table as Images


Permute an excel tables to an image: Open your excel Worksheet, select cells and contents which you want to export into picture. Right click and Copy all the data which you have selected in excel. Create new documents in MS word. Right click and select paste picture option in paste menu.

Save Excel Graph or chart as an image file: Create dynamic chart into excel. Select chart and Right click copy chart or graph in MS-excel. Create new Microsoft document and Select Home Tab menu from top and click paste dropdown button and paste as picture. Right click on the paste item and save as jpg file on the save location.

How Export excel sheet as pdf file: select whole content of your spreadsheet. Click on file menu and save as pdf file. This pdf file easily email, use as presentation. Open pdf and take snapshot of content which you want to save in image.

How to save excel sheet’s data from print screen?

Open ExcelSheet and maximize the application. Adjust perfect screen size of worksheet for snapshots so that data can copied and observable in the window.  Press and old the “ALT Key” + Print-screen key from your keyboard.

MS-paint able to convert print-screen to image file

Save this print-screen in MS-paint program and save in image format. Open MS-paint program from Accessories folder. Create New and select and paste your snapshot then save into any image formats like jpg, png, and gif format.

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