An Easier way to recover deleted files

If you have deleted your important files and now feeling bad, sulk and complain. How to recover your important files such as your photos, excel files or other imp files.

Don’t worry it is possible to recover files your deleted files. Follow these tips and there are third-party recover software which can help you to get back your files.

Recover Deleted files from your PC without any software

Before use these tips first you need to on system protection.

  1. Right Click on My Computer Icon.
  2. Select properties
  3. Click System protection
  4. Click on configure and click restore system setting and previous versions of files.
  5. Apply and click on OK Button.

Tips: Follow these steps to recover your deleted folder

  1. Create new folder and rename it as deleted folder.
  2. Right click on that folder and select “restore previous versions”.
  3. Folder versions will show you old files and folder just click on copy button and hit on apply
  4. Now you have recovered your deleted files.

If you think these methods are very hard and not recovered files. You can also get support of data recovery programs that can help you to recover your files and folders.

Here we have listed some free and premium software.

  1. Recover File 3 – Best data recovery Software


Recover file 3 is one of the powerful software for backup your files. It is compatible with all versions like windows xp and higher.

It allows you to recover files from many devices like external storage devices, USB flash drives and storage cards. Its design and interface is very user friendly, so user can easy to use.

  1. Recuva to restore your deleted files

Recuva is one of my favorite’s software for restoring files. It is light weight program but very powerful tool for backup files from external storage devices.

You can easily recover files such as music, photos, videos etc. if you’re looking for easy to use recover program recuva is right choice for you.


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