How to Protect Excel WorkSheet with Password Spreadsheet 2013

How to Protect Excel WorkSheet with Password Spreadsheet 2013

If you thought, how to do password spreadsheet or protect excel worksheet for a long time. Then you are at the right place, here we will show you step by step methods to protect your excel sheet and their workbook.

We know why it is more important cause excel mostly use for store numeric data or sales report and other companies information.

Excel is most useful application for business because excel gives you many features for calculating and managing companies data with regular work reports.

You must know how to do protect excel worksheet, therefore nobody can edit anything in your excel worksheet and open without your permission.

Today I am going to teach you some advance methods to do password spreadsheet and protect excel worksheet, which never seen before. To get started to protect your excel Files.

Simple methods to password protect excel worksheet

How to do password protected cells and lock cells

#1. Select all Cells


#2. Then Right click and Select Format Cells


#3. Format Cells Dialog box is Open. Now click on Protection Tab. Unchecked locked Checkbox, then click OK Button.


#4. Select particular cells which you want to protect so nobody cannot change anything in selected Cells.

Password Spreadsheet

#5. Now click on Review tab and then click on Protect Sheet


#6. Add password


#7. Reenter password to procced


Now cells are protected with lock Cells in excel 2013.

How to make protected password spreadsheets

Protect Spreadsheets is another best option for protect excel worksheet. Now we are going to learn how to add password into your spreadsheets or worksheet.

Let’s jump in it.

#1. Open your Excel file which you want to Protect.

#2. First Select your Sheet that you want to password protect.


#3. Right Click on Excel Sheet “Employee” and Select “Protect Sheet…


#4 Add password then again reenter password.


Now your worksheet is protected by this method.

Simple and Easy way to protect workbook

There are two options to protect workbook. First one is Protect workbook required password to open excel workbook, and another is protect workbook structure, in this you can open excel worksheet but can’t delete or edit any records.

Let’s learn

How to make password protected excel workbook

#1. First click on File menu Tab.


#2. Select Info and Click on Protect Workbook Box.


#4. Encrypt with Password


Your workbook is now protected.

i hope you like How to protect excel worksheet and do password spreadsheet. if you like it then please share with your friends. if may be have any query or suggestion please comment us.

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