How to Add Pin Tab in Firefox and Google Chrome Browser

When you are opening many tabs in browser that time you become confused to find most used tabs, for e.g. Social media, Webmail and web apps for work.

Pin tab is permanent add your tabs when you restart your browser it’s automatically open back into your browser.

You can also manage your favorites website with your Bookmarks.

Google chrome and Firefox has very handy features that help you to manage and add pin tab your most favorites website.

Pinning websites is very old features and it comes 3 or four years ago, I have notice that user don’t use it.

Its advantageous features to you can easily collect your website.

These feature to you keep open your most used web apps for all the day.

When you apply Pin Tab it reflexively into site’s icon in left side of the browser.

It one of the best thing managing and adding tabs into your browsers.

Pin Tab activate into Google Chrome

  1. Right click on the tab.
  2. Select “Pin tab
Pin tab for google Chrome
Pin tab for Google Chrome

Add Pin Tab into Firefox

  1. Right click on the tab.
  2. Select “Pin Tab” and apply pin tab into Firefox.
Pin Tab for Firefox
Pin Tab for Firefox

You can also unpin Tab. Use these methods and enjoy these features and manage your daily web surfing job.

In these features when you close the browser and again open you browser its automatically reload yours pin tab websites or web application.

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