How to optimizing images for the Website

Optimizing images is one the best thing for loading fast website. Website browser support many file formats like jpeg, gif, and png. If you website is loading more time then visitor leave your website and find other website therefor you need to optimize your images for the web which makes your website faster and quick responsive. Today I will guide you how to make great quality images and light weight images for your website.

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Best ways to Optimizing images for various file formats

JPEG:  “Joint Photographic Experts Group” is a standard and most common format for the web. You can adjust image’s Quality 1 to 100 which give features for maintaining images quality. This file format is used for photo gallery and big images for the site.

GIF: Graphics Interchange Format” is manage for animating images. It is normally created by color pattern that indices (0 – 256) colors.

PNG:Portable Network Graphics” it is used for only when you want to add transparent images for the net like logos and icons.

Photoshop has exclusive and greatest features for optimizing images for the web, it allows you to reduce size and make up standard images. Your website is loading quickly therefor visitor can get information quickly and it’s also support to search engine to crawler data from your website

Here take the easy way out methods which can support you to optimize jpg, gif, and png file. You can also manage your images and check image size and image superiority.

Photoshop to optimizing images for the web

1. open Photoshop

2. open images into Photoshop

3. use keyboard shortcut alt + Shift + Ctrl + S

Follow these video to optimize jpeg, gif, and png images.



These methods to you can optimize images with maintain qualities for your website design projects.

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