Must know about windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

windows 7 keyboard shortcuts is very fast and good looking operating system where we are enjoying with work and entertainments.

This is very unique and fast way to save time and boost your work.

Today I will share with you window 7’s amazing keyboard shortcuts.  Here you will learn your pc to do a lot of things at one place.

Top 18 windows 7 keyboard shortcuts which can boost your work.

  • Window + L –  This shortcut to lock your computer and directly displays your login screen.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N –  This key to you can create new folder in desktop or Hard drive.
  • Window Logo + T – To iterate through items on the taskbar.
  • Alt + Tab – Switch between open windows
  • Window Logo + D – Clear everything and show the desktop ( This shortcuts to you can minimize all open windows at once on your desktop)
  • Window Logo + Down Arrow – To minimize current open window.
  • Window Logo + Up Arrow – To Maximize current open window.
  • Window Logo + Right Arrow or Left Arrow – To you can compare two documents.
  • Alt + D – To select Address bar in Explorer window and other web browser.
  • Ctrl + Click – to switch one group window to another group window.
  • Ctrl + Shift + ESC – to you can open windows task manager very quickly.
  • Window Logo + P – to switch Duplicate, extend, project mode very easily.
  • Window Logo + F – to you can find any file from anywhere in the computer.
  • Window Logo + (+,-) – To open magnifier glass which is Zoom IN or Zoom Out your running program or computer desktop.
  • Window Logo + E – To you can open explorer window.
  • Ctrl + Window Logo + F – to you can search any file in Network PC.
  • Window Logo + G – to you can select your window’s Gadgets for example Weather, Currency and many more.
  • Shift + Right Click + folder – You will get new options for example Send to, copy as path.

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