How to manage your important contacts with Smart Ways?

Are you looking for organize your personal and professional contacts? If you are using Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn and don’t know how to manage contacts?

Don’t worry in this contact management tutorial I will show you some free contact organizing apps, free contact manager tools, and export contacts into excel file format.

 Best Free mobile apps for manage contacts.

  1. Cloze

Cloze is one of the best and free apps for organize and update your contacts. It is automatically managing your all contacts, emails, and post.

Here one place to easily comments, likes, and share Vcard on social media. In this app you can store contacts from email and as well as from social media accounts.

Its drawback is that it is only available for iOS platform. Download this App from “Cloze App”.

  1. Contacts +

Contacts + is a free and 4 star app for contact management. It is a powerful app which give you easy way to access your contacts and perform many tasks at the same place.

In this app you may use dialer, send regular text message, and access most popular social media.

Its most useful features are easy to share your personal and business contacts to your friends, and see contacts with image of persons.

Download free contact manage Apps from “Contacts+”.


  1. Connect

If you want to manage address book and contact details then Connect app may help you lot.

It has some additional features where you can access other things like chat, messages, and hangout with friends.

In this apps you can find your friend’s contacts on Facebook and from other social networks.

You can also see where your friends are live. But it is available for only iOS platform.

Download free contact app for iPhone “Connect”

  1. Brewster

  Brewster app is available for both platforms like android and iOS. This address book app has been supporting many languages.

It has many latest features for managing contacts and easy to search friends from your address book.

It is automatically sync business and personal contacts from social media. Download Brewster app for Android and iOS.

  1. PureContact

This is one of my favorite app where you can easily manage your contacts and share contacts cards to your friends. Here you can see photo of your friends and easy to call them.

It is easy to use and more informative apps. You may customize color and themes. Download it from”PureContact”.

  Import and Export contacts in Excel.


Your all friends are available on your Facebook account. Use some smart tricks to capture your friends and professional contact’s like phone numbers, email address, and other information.

Import your contacts from Facebook Account, and export your all contacts in Excel sheet.


First login into you LinkedIn and click on “connections” then after find gear icon in right top corner. Now just click on Export LinkedIn Connections and select export to .CSV file, hit on Export Button and apply security verify captcha.

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I hope you get perfect information about manage your contacts with smart ways. If you like this post please share with your friends and family.


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