How to Linking Cells to another Excel Worksheets

Linking cells or referencing cells is very essential things of excel, where you can get dynamic data from one worksheet to another worksheets. For example if you changed cell values in Worksheet A, it will automatically change value in your reference cells of Worksheet B. If you would like to open many worksheets in same excel program, you can either referencing cells which dynamically changed when you changed into main worksheet. These simple guides and couple of ways to you can learn linking cells with one worksheet to another worksheets.

Create New Worksheets:

First we need to create two workbook, first one is student Marks, and Marks Details. Create fields like name, subjects and totals. Then after make another worksheet that is Marks Results, in this only make two fields like name and totals.

Linking Cells with another Worksheet:

Let’s begin with first step. Click on the cell and copy, then this copy cell paste to other worksheet’s cells with paste link. In this features you can see data is totally dynamic. When you change the primary cells then it will automatically change reference cell’s value.


View spreadsheet Excel side by side:

Open and view many worksheets side by side in excel sheet.

  1. First Create two worksheets in excel.
  2. Click on View tab in Excel.
  3. Click on New Window
  4. Then click on Arrange All
  5. You will see popup box.
  6. Select Tiled and click on OK button.


Now you have learn linking cells and referencing cells to another worksheets, and also view two worksheet at the same time and same place.

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This topic you will get quick knowledge of linking cells and multiple worksheets. If you like it then share your friends.

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