Advanced Methods to Link Href Html Pages

Advanced Methods to Link Href Html Pages

Link Href Html tag is very important tag for html coder.  Where html coder can link pages to another pages. It is also guide to user about other pages and topics. Its tag is < a href=”#”>Visit </a> sometime need to remember very hard don’t worry I will show you how to link pages with just drag and drop no need to typing long code to linking pages. You will learn its most useful attributes which search engine love very much.

Linking href to you can linking your images, text, mail, and JavaScript. You can tie you pages as new browser window, so visitor can’t leave your website.

Html 5 has updates some link href attributes and some old attributes are supporting in html 5. Its newest added “filename”, and “media_query”.

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Not Supporting href tag’s attributes

Html 5 has been updating few new tags and some old attributes are skipped such as charset, coords, rev, shape and name. Link href html is playing important role for SEO and Humans. This tag to search engine and people can understand about heading and visit directly on this heading page.

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Follow these easy steps to attach html pages.

Drag and Drop to link href html pages

  1. Select your text which you want to link to other pages.
  2. Find sniper icon in properties panel
  3. Click and hold and just release on html pages.

Simple way to link your pages.

  1. Select Design view
  2. Select text which you want link.
  3. Right click on selected text and select “Make link”.
  4. Select page which you want to link.

Another way to linking page.

  1. Select text and click on insert menu.
  2. Select hyperlink
  3. Click on Folder icon and find file which you want to link.
  4. You can also apply “target”, and link title.

Advantages of link href html

Link Href html is inform to visitor and search engine about pages. If you want to index your pages into search engines you need to use href html link which every search engines loves very much. You can guide to spider follow this page or not, and provide title to the text link.

Share this topic to your friends and relatives and learn advanced method to you for linking pages to the topics.

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