Top 8 Skype Tips and Tricks for Skype Users

Top 8 Skype Tips and Tricks for Skype Users

If you want to communicate with your family and friends online, Skype is one of the best resource for chatting and video calling software. In this software you can do free voice calls and video calls to your friends.

Now in these days Skype very popular for business communication, here you can easily share your files and photos. In this topic I will share with you some hidden Skype tips and tricks, which can help to you share your thoughts.

 Backup your Skype Contacts

You can easily backup your personal contacts and transfer from one account to another Skype account.

Tips: Under contacts> Advanced> Backup contacts File.



This quick method to save your contacts in VCF file and restore into your Skype account.

Set Your Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Skype

If you want change or make custom shortcuts, then Skype gives you good news you can set your own keyboard shortcuts in Skype. Follow these steps and apply your custom keyboard shortcuts.

Tips: Select Under Tools> Options> Advanced.


Now select Hotkeys and check on Enable keyboard shortcuts then select any one and apply your custom keyboard shortcuts.

Skype Tips to Improve Your IM appearance

You can change font size and start and stop animated Skype motions.

Click on tools> Options> Select IM Setting > Click on IM appearance


You can show and hide emoticons by unchecked. In section you can also change font style and size.

Add your friends into favourites


If you have large contact lists and you get confused, when you chat with your friends. You need to manage your contacts into favorites list so you can easily find them and quickly chat with them. In this favourites list only show people you like best. In desktop app, just drag and drop your contact from all list to favourites list or you may click on start button in your friends profile page.

Use multiple Skype accounts


Do you want to use multiple Skype account at the same time and on the same computer? You need to follow these steps.

From windows taskbar, Click on Start Button> Run or hit (Window key + R).

Now copy these path and click on OK Button.

 For 32-bit operating systems:

“C:Program FilesSkypePhoneSkype.exe” /secondary

For 64-bit operating systems:

“C:Program Files (x86)SkypePhoneSkype.exe” /secondary

Skype Tips for Call record mp3 or video

Do you want to record your friends or family’s videos or audio? is one of the best website which provides free software which allows you to record video and audio of your conversations.

If you want to Skype conversation videos and audio from Mac OS you need to buy some premium software such as Pamela and ecamm.

Skype Tricks: Share your Screen

If you have problem in pc and you want to solve by yourself but you need help like online support. Now Skype provides you screen share features where you may share your computer screen to your Skype user and get solution about your problems.


Unlimited file transfer

If you know only the right solution to send files by email, you wrong. Skype provides very new and handy features to you where you can share any types of files very easily no required to send email.

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