How to Use cool cmd commands in Windows 7 ?

How to Use cool cmd commands in Windows 7 ?

Command Prompt is a powerful command line application or PowerShell which is working run by commands. I mean a command gives special instruction to the Computer which perform some tasks or functions. So that Today I show you some most useful Cmd Commands for Windows 7. You should to know if you don’t know about cmd commands.

ipconfig – Quick Ways to find Your Original IP Address

ipconfig is more useful and cmd commands for network testing which give you your original computer IP address. There are three types of cool cmd commands such as “all”, “release”, “renew”. Ipconfig displays all TCP/IP network configuration values.

You can find IP address from your control panel but its take few clicks. The Ipconfig command provides best way to find your computer’s IP address and other information as well. For example its default gateway.

How can we use the cool cmd commands in windows 7? Just type ipconfig into a Command Prompt window. first check your wireless LAN adapter, Local Area connection or Wi-Fi connected or not then after it will show you a list of all Network Connections.


ipconfig /flushdns – To you can Recover Your Old DNS Records

If you changed your DNS server, the effects won’t automatically take place directly. Windows uses a DNS cache that remember DNS responses.  ipconfig /flushdns provides time saving features when you forget your DNS Address its automatic find and restore your DNS.

its find address from the DNS server  cached entry, run the ipconfig / flushdns command will solve problem regarding your DNS server.

Ping, tracert – Solve or Troubleshoot Network connection issues

The ping command used for verify connection which computer can communicate over website or other computer networks.

If you not connect with your website or network Ping, tracert command will give you live status send and receive signals. Window 8 or other OS also provides some standards tools which give you whole information about problems.

Now, we see How to use  Ping Command?  Open your command line application which called command prompt. Type ping and windows will send packets to Yahoo will respond and let you know it’s received them.


Tracert – cool cmd commands for windows 7 to get full info about Network

Tracert command gives you the several details about the path and  packet that takes from Hostname or IP Address.

recimg – cmd prompt commands to Create Custom Recovery Images

The Refresh Your PC Features on Window 8 that permits you to restore your PC System to the original state. It’s clear windows installation and makes your computer feel like came from its manufacturer. this program is normally use for create your recovery image data. recimg cmd command windows-7

sfc /scannow – Scan System Files for Problems

sfc /scannow is very powerful and cool cmd commands for command Prompt application which is scan system files and catches the problems. If Your windows has any problem in system files or corrupted.  sfc /scannow will automatically find them and solve them. create system backup image by powershell windows7

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