How to Increase or Decrease Mouse Sensitivity Windows 10? (Easy Steps)

Well, Precision matters in everything. So, why not with your Computer mouse? Every one of us wants to work smoothly, precisely. Do you know that you can change the mouse sensitivity or increase mouse speed?

If not, the let us inform you that you can change the speed of you mouse as per your need.

We will guide you step by step of How to change /increase your mouse sensitivity in few easy steps. You can change lot of customization through the mouse setting after you learn how to access the mouse properties window.  

Like Pointer, double click, wheel speed and many more.

Steps to increase or change the mouse sensitivity

The following are the easy step that will help you out in changing or increasing the speed of your mouse.

  • First click on the “Start Button”. Hit on the “Control panel”.
  • A dialogue box will open with lot of different things. You will find “Mouse” in that dialogue box.
  • Then click on the “Mouse”. The mouse properties window will be opened.
  • Then click on the Button tap available on the Top left of the window. Then in the Double click speed section move the “Speed Bar” as per your requirement.
  • Then in the “Click Lock” section, select the “Turn on Click on” to enable highlighting and dragging without holding the mouse button.
  • Now, go to the “Pointer options” tab. Then in the motion section, Mover the “Speed” bars and changes the speed as per your need.
  • You can also select the “Enhance Pointer Precision” check box. It will improve the accuracy.
  • The go to the “Snap to” section and select the “Automatically Move Pointer to the Default Button in a Dialog box”.
  • Now move towards the “Wheel” tab. Select “The Following Number of lines at a time” and keep the number as per your requirement.
  • Once done. Click on “Apply” to save all the changes that you made. The click “OK” and the mouse properties window will be closed.


In this article you learned, how to change or increase your mouse sensitivity in few easy steps.

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