Find IP Address: How To Find Your Public And Local IP Address Windows 10

What is computer’s IP address?

IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are a unique address of your computer, in the internet world, tons of machines linked to each other here i will show to find ip address.

The IP address to you can share and transfer files and folders to one computer to other computers.

If you want to see or check public IP or computer IP in this tutorial, I will show you complete details. Follow these instructions and get info about IP.

In some situations, it’s helpful to understand what your IP address is.

If you’ve got an IP address and want to trace where its location is and find some details about it, whether, from a person, a business, or a site, following is an assortment of free online services you may use.

IP Address is the main parameter about which every online user needs to be concerned. As it is a different system, it is going to have a different IP address.

Your public IP address reveals personal information regarding you as soon as you’re online.

Public IP addresses might be used for communication between hosts on the global Internet.

How to find the IP Address and MAC Address of network card?

  1. Open your network in your computer
  2. You may directly add in the address bar this path: Control Panel \ Network and Internet \ Network and Sharing center
  3. Click on Network and sharing center
  4. Click on Ethernet and then click on details
  5. You will get network connection details
  6. Find physical address

Video Guide: How to find IP Address using google search and command prompt 

Find public IP Address using google search

  1. Open your browser
  2. Now open
  3. Search my IP address in google
  4. Google will show your public IP address.

Find your local computer IP address in control panel

  1. Open run program – Window +R
  2. Type control panel in the run program
  3. Click on Network and Internet
  4. Find Network and Sharing Center
  5. Access Type: Internet – Click on Ethernet link
  6. Ethernet Status – Click on the details button
  7. You can see IPv4 Address, which your IP address of a local computer.

Find IP address: Using Command Prompt

  1. Open you run the program using the keyboard shortcut – Win Key + R
  2. Type CMD
  3. In command prompt type “ipconfig /all”
  4. You can see complete details about adapter ethernet like physical address, IPv4 address, and DNS server.

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