How to Convert PDF to Excel on Windows 10 – Step By Step Guide

Living a life where half of your time is spent on your system with the documents. Sometimes it becomes hectic to manage the documents. do you want to convert pdf to excel?

If you have any pdf and you want to import it into an excel file, then you cannot just drag & drop and get the file in an excel sheet. Right?

Therefore, what will you do? You will go online use any website and convert that pdf into an excel sheet. But, do these websites have any security. What if your data is stolen and misused?

Well, the simplest solution to this entire problem is to convert the pdf sheet to excel offline. How? We will guide you. Here you will learn amazing tricks of importing or converting your pdf file into an excel sheet in windows 10. Just follow the below mentioned simple steps and convert your pdf into excel easily.

Steps to Convert PDF into Excel on Windows 10

  1. Open Word Document in your system.
  2. Then Open the pdf (that you want to convert) in word.
  3. A popup will appear, click on the okay option.
  4. Now, your pdf is imported in your word document. (You can also modify it)
  5. Then select all by pressing CTRL + A key on your keyboard.
  6. Then Open Excel and create a blank workbook.
  7. Then paste the details. (Keyboard Shortcut: CTRL + V)
  8. Now your pdf is easily converted into excel sheet.

By following these above mentioned steps, you can easily and quickly import your pdf into excel. By doing this, your time is saved, and your data is protected.


Here we learned how to convert pdf into excel on windows 10 easily without any fear of data privacy stolen.

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