How to Block Adult content Websites in All Devices?

If you are using internet, especially when you searches on Google and other search engine. You want to block adult content websites so your children can’t search on the internet.

Well In this article I will show you how to block adult websites via free software and advanced tips to block bad websites.

Block Adult content Website via Search Engine 

If you want to block adult’s contents like photos and videos first you need to open your browser and do setting into search engine “Safe Search”.

Follow these steps to setting safe search in Google and Bing Search engine.

Block Adult contents via Google Safe Search


  1. First open Google Home page
  2. Find Gear Icon on Right side on the Top.
  3. Click Turn On SafeSearch
  4. You will get message “Explicit Result filtered with SafeSearch”

If you can’t find then open this link and make changes here: Google Preferences

Do check on “Turn on SafeSearch” and hit on save button, it is available in bottom. Now you google search setting is save.

Block Adult contents via Bing Strict Filters


  1. First open Bing homepage: Bing Setting
  2. Find gear icon right side on the top.
  3. Click on gear icon and then click on settings.
  4. Now you are on Bing Settings Page
  5. You can see SafeSearch on the page just click on Strict.
  6. Save it, save button is available in bottom.

If you can’t find this setting then click on this here and find direct link: Bing Setting

Follow 5th step.

Block Adult contents via Yahoo SafeSearch


Open Yahoo Preferences and setting Yahoo SafeSearch

  1. SafeSearch – Select Moderate – No images or video to select “Strict – No Adult Content” and now click on save button.

Free Internet Filter and Parental control software


This is one of the best software for block unwanted bad contents and protect every device. OpenDNS is free for personal use, in this software you can customize website filtering and security.

Download: OpenDNS

K9 Web Protection:

K9 Web protection is trusted software for parental control. If you want to protect your mobile device, it is available in to android and iPhone platform. It is also support Windows and Mac.

Download: K9 Web Protection


This is a good parental control software for block adult website and do safe your children from troubling content. It is supporting many device like desktop computer, laptop, tablets and mobile devices.

Download: Qustodio

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Free google chrome parental control extension

WebFilter Pro:

This is free web browser extension, which can help to you block any bad websites and do your child safe from adult website.

Download: WebFilter Pro

Blocksi Web Filter:

Blocksi web filter is very advanced extension for block adult content, in this extension you can also assign time to access websites.

Download: Blocksi Web Filter

We hope you like this article for block adult contents. If you like this article then share with your friends and family and make them safe from adult websites and bad contents on internet.

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