how to add a calculator to microsoft excel 2013 by quick toolbar.

The Quick Access Toolbar allows you to customizable toolbar.

Where you can set of commands like Add calculator, printer, and spelling and grammar checking icon.

When we are building spreadsheet sometime we need to do small calculations but we can’t do it. So that today I will show you how to add windows calculator into your excel program?

I will guide you how to use windows calculator to perform quick calculation while in excel.

Here you can save your time by this quick access toolbar. Follow these step by step guides.



  • Click customize Quick Access toolbar then find “More Commands”
  • You will see popup menu Excel options:
  •  Select Quick Access toolbar
  • Choose commands from “Command not in the ribbon.
  • Find Calculator then click on Add button.
  • Click Ok

If you cannot follow these steps watch this image follow this step. 


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