Learn gmail features and its Awesome things… !

You have opportunity to know about Gmail account’s secret features.  Gmail is providing very powerful Free gmail features services that give us Free Storage, efficient spam filter and user-friendly interface design.  Today I will share with you how you can optimize your work with Gmail account. Here are five tips and tools that provide you the productive experience with your Gmail account.

Learn Gmail features and its benefits

1-     Create Your Labels

Labels are mostly use for organized your emails. In labels, you can apply more than one label per message. Here you can manage your emails very easily.  Labels are provide basic ideas of your emails for example, you have a message that labeled under “Class-room” you could apply labeled as “School”. You can apply colors by email category. Google is one the best email service provider. Here you can attachment large files by just drag and drop.

2-     Use Google drive for share large files

Google drive is one of the most useful online storage application form google. It provides a file storage and synchronization services. You can use its free cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative edits. Google drive offers 15GB free online storage space. In google drive you can store your any files and folders.

3-     Organized your event with Google Calendar.

Gmail is not only best way to send and receive emails. It makes you organized. In this features you can just add events to your calendar, so that you will not forget your most important events. You can also add your custom events like birthday, anniversary, meetings, and festivals. these gmail features to you can sync your android phone data and its contacts.

4-     Rapportive Ad-Ons

Rapportive is a free of cost plugin for all browser. It is show you everything about your contacts, what they are doing on social media. Here you can see user’s picture and email details. You can also reply on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter by this plugin. If you need to download this plugin.  Learn about Rapportive!

5-     Enable Shortcuts

If you want to work fast,  this gmail features will help you to save a ton of the time. Google provides you many shortcuts where you can quickly search your email, manage, and navigate your inbox. Its little bit hard to remember but when you master them, you will never forget to use it.

Here you have learned best features of Google products. You will use these free services from Google such as get free storage online, Event Management, docs, Google plus, play for free mobile apps, photos,  translates, and maps.

Google’s some extra feature that you can also use. It has Google keep, cloud printer, Hangouts, groups, trends, alerts, and blog search. These are also free from Google so use it.

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