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Plenty of persons think that they are “fastened” into using Microsoft word for all document generation needs. But, that doesn’t mean you have to expend hundreds of dollars on it.

Today we’re going to consult about some Microsoft Word alternatives that you can speedily and comfortably start to apply.

Following are a great way to do word processing on a budget.


OpenOffice is The Best option for Microsoft Word Alternatives:

OpenOffice is one of the more excellent pieces of open source software on the market. It contains not only for creating, editing word document. it also provides spreadsheets, presentations, graphics and Database.

OpenOffice software stores data in an international open standard format. OpenOffice is the most popular Microsoft Word Alternatives  and convenient to see why because your documents will be compatible with Microsoft office and it’s a free to use.

You get changes with your documents which you want. Here only email is missing. OpenOffice is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

 Jarte to edit any Word documents:

Jarte is a word processor based on the WordPad Engine. It reads DOC, RTF, TXT and DOCX and is also capable of export to HTML or PDF. Jarte is also free.

There is also pay version of software that adds some extra functions. Its Features include Windows Vista compatibility, and User-friendly tabbed interface.

It requires small resource and fast loading time.

Lotus Symphony is Alternative for MS Word:

Like OpenOffice, Symphony is more than just a word processor. Symphony supports the Open Document format as well as the binary Microsoft office formats.

This free office suite provides spreadsheets, presentation programs.

Friends it also provides database and drawing program. Symphony runs on windows and mac.

Google Docs is online Microsoft Word Alternative:

It is a free web based office suite developed by Google. A Google doc allows you to create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations with other users live. It is strongly integrated with Google.

Here all kinds of other online documentations like email easily managed. You can invite collaborators to work on the same document. Others can view documents without any editing.

 AbiWord is Free Microsoft Word Alternative:

This program is similar to Microsoft word. It is a suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks. Here also multiple users are work on same document.

AbiWord had grammar checking facility before any other open source word processor.

It is free and open source software. AbiWord is support on generally on windows.

AjaxWrite is Open Source MS Word Alternative:

AjaxWrite is online application suite.  AjaxWrite designed with familiar interface.  It has many features that others provide. There are also drag and drop image insertion from web pages.

Its respond is slower when we saving it. Ajaxwrite only supports on MozilaFirefox and Internet Explorer. Here also multiple users are work on same document.

AbiWord had grammar checking before any other open source word processor.

Here also multiple users are work on same document.

AbiWord had grammar checking before any other open source word processor.


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