Google is Launched new Hangouts Voice Calling for Gmail Account user

All the gmail users who just upgraded their Google Talk to Hangouts were very unhappy with the fact that they are not able to make voice calls. Google got its attention towards it and finally introduced voice calls to Hangouts. People are very happy with the fact that now they can make voice calls now with new and attractive hangouts.

A senior software engineer Alex Wiesen wrote in a blog that “For those of you who have taken the plunge and are using desktop  Hangouts in Gmail, Google+ and the Chrome extension, we’ve heard loud and clear that you miss the ability to make voice calling  from Gmail, so today, we’re happy to announce that it’s back.

With all new and exciting features like adding more than 2 phone numbers and adding video participants to the same call not all but also adding sound effects with amazing Google Effect app. Alex Wiesen said the recently labelled “Hangouts voice calling” is “far better than the previous one.” Alex added that calls to U.S. and Canada are free from countries where Hangouts voice calling is open, while international rates are sensibly priced.

Try it out and let us know if our blog was helpful for you.

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