How to forward multiple Emails in Gmail

How to forward multiple Emails in Gmail – Simple Steps Guide 2019

Send more than one email one by one in just a simple click.

Forward multiple emails in Gmail is a tough task, and taking too much time?

You think if any way to add a forwarding address, just simple clicks and tasks are done.

But in Gmail, this feature is not available to forward multiple emails.

Then what you will do? Don’t be panic in this tutorial; we will show you simple and easy steps to send bulk emails in just easy steps.

Install the extension into your Google Chrome

The hidden method of this process is the chrome extension, which is called “Multi Forward for Gmail.” First thing you need to install an extension in your google chrome browser if you do not install this extension in your browser, follow the quick way to install an extension.

Or, if already installed this extension into your google chrome, ignore this step.

A quick way to install the extension: forward multiple emails in gmail

1.       Install multi forward extension in google chrome.

2.       Find Multi Forward for Gmail, or find the forward icon

3.       Click on Add to Chrome.

4.       Ready to use an extension

Follow the Video: How to Send Forward Emails in Gmail

Forward Multiple Emails – Using google chrome extension

1.       Open your Gmail account

2.       Now go to your inbox – or click on left side inbox button

3.       Select email messages which you want to forward – by clicking the checkbox to the left of each one.

4.       Go on the toolbar, which is on the top – Select the Multi Forward icon (Make sure that you click on, it’s a curved, right-facing arrow).

5.       The extension will ask you to sign in via Gmail account and authorize for functions.

Note: This process will be required only once.

6.       The next step will come as you to what to extension is authorized. Click on Allow. Then you will see a confirmation message.

7.       Now Click on the multi forward icon. In a multi forward dialog box will open, now enter the email id of the person you want to send your selected emails from your inbox. Now click on multi-forward to send.

Note: In this extension, you can forward limited emails.

8.       Now you will get a successful dialog box, which means your multiple emails are delivered.

9.       That’s it!

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