How to Find and Replace Text in Google Doc – Step By Step Tutorial

Today where most of our works are based on laptops or pcs, it becomes obvious that we will use Microsoft word to write some article or something else. here we will show you some advance tips to find and replace text in google doc.

Especially for those who are writing article like content writers and others, it is very much necessary to write an article without any mistakes.

It is a human tendency to do mistakes, no matter how much perfect they are. So, how will you find the error in the documents?

So, Instead of going through your document and making each and every change manually, Google Docs has made it simple to fix your mistake in one shot.

Well, every one of us faces the same problem. So, how will you find and replace the word in Documents or Google documents?

We are here to help you with it. In this article you will find all the solution to your problem.

Do you know the developer of Google documents have provided us the facility to deal with the problems?

Following are the steps of finding and replacing a word in word documents.

Using the Find and Replace Text Directly from Menu:

  • Click on the edit button. At the bottom of the edit menu, you will see “Find and Replace”. Then, Click on it.
  • Type the word or phrase you want to find in the “Find” field and enter the new word in the “Replace with” field.
  • Click on “Replace” if you want to replace selected word or Click on “Replace All” if you want to replace all the same words.

Using Short-Cut Key to Find and Replace Text:

Most of us can agree that the writing process can be frustrating, especially when you have to go back through your document and correct the same mistake again by finding each and every mistake.

Instead of going through the lengthy process of finding and replacing in menu, you can also use the short cut keys.

Open the word or Google documents in your PC or laptop, then hit the Ctrl+H button on your keyboard.

A dialogue box will open, Fill the blank space naming “Find what” with the word that you want to find and fill the word that you want to replace in “Replace With” and you are done.

Other Uses of Find and Replace Text

Along with the above mentioned uses, there are some other uses of Find and replace tool too.

  • Delete Words In Bulk

By Using the Find and Replace you can delete words in bulk. With Google Docs, enter the word to be removed in the Find field and then add nothing in the Replace with field, your word is deleted.

  • Numbers And Characters

You can Search for numbers and other characters, and even you can use regular expressions to search for text. For example, find every sentence that ends with “Word:” and then replace with “Word!”.


In this article you came to know the simple hacks to find and replace the word in the Google documents.

Following any of the above mentioned Ways you can easily find and replace the word that you want.

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