Can we send money by email ? hell yeah google send money email with google wallet

Benefits of Google send money email.

Google Wallet is now integrated into Gmail. This means you can safely and securely send money to your friends and family in the U.S. – without even saying good-bye your Gmail inbox.

First of all the good news to all of us that it is absolutely free and google is not charging a single penny to use it. It is free to send money through google wallet balance or you can do that directly from your bank account. We can also pay with our credit and debit cards for a very less charge of 2.9% per transaction but receiving money will always be free.

For those who doesn’t even use Gmail can also enjoy “ google Wallet ”. If you doesn’t use gmail still you can send money to your friends by clicking the “send money” button in your Google Wallet and you can simply send and receive money on your phone as well.

Safe and secure way of payment transaction, with google wallet, our all financial information will be safely encrypted and stored on secure severs and even there will be 24/7 watch to prevent fraudulent activities. The best news is that Google Wallet Purchase Protection covers 100% of eligible unauthorized transactions, and our customer service team will help resolve any questions we might have.

So get Google send moeny email  as soon as you can and experience a new way of making and receiving payments.

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