Easy Ways to optimize your WordPress Site.

I have been developing WordPress themes for two years and have found some best ways to optimize speed and performance of WordPress website. I use these plugins and tools because its make my WordPress faster, most powerful and speedy. Do you want to learn how to increase performance of your WordPress website?

When you get optimize your pages speed, you may quickly follows these “must dos”. First mix your CSS and JS files with respectively, put CSS Meta tag in header, load CSS before JS, load JS in footer page.

You need to follow some basic structure of your website.

  1. We need to do clean code of html and CSS.
  2. Use light images in Post
  3. Use java script in footer page.
  4. Compressed CSS file.
  5. Use cache Plugin.

If you can’t do it these things in your WordPress website don’t worry about it. I am sharing with you some more effective plugins that can solve your problems.

Best WordPress Optimization plugins:

  • WP-Optimize

You can optimize your WordPress Database without phpMyAdmin. It is very easy to use and it removes all kinds of unnecessary data such as post revisions, unapproved comments, spam queue comments, and trash items.

  •  WP-Clean Up

WP-Clean Up is my one the best plugin which provide you 100% results. Here you can clean your revisions, auto drafts, moderation comments, and spam comments.

  • DB-Manager

The strength of this plugin is allow you to clean up your database. You can also repair, restore, backup, and optimize your database.

Optimize your images:

  • WP-smush.It

This plugin allows you to optimize your images and compress jpg, gif and pang files. This plugin is used for reduce images size and improve performance of website.

How to compress JS Scripts?

  • WP Minify

This plugin to you can compress your CSS and Js files. It will help your website to reduce downloading time.

  • Better WordPress Minify


This plugin allows you to compress your css and js files for faster page loading for your website visitors. It is informal plugin for WordPress user and you can also customize all minify strings. This plugin to you can speed up your WordPress website.

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