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Easy Ways to optimize your WordPress Site.



I have been developing WordPress themes for two years and have found some best ways to optimize speed and performance of WordPress website. I use these plugins and tools because its make my WordPress faster, most powerful and speedy. Do you want to learn how to increase performance of your WordPress website?

When you get optimize your pages speed, you may quickly follows these “must dos”. First mix your CSS and JS files with respectively, put CSS Meta tag in header, load CSS before JS, load JS in footer page.

You need to follow some basic structure of your website.

  1. We need to do clean code of html and CSS.
  2. Use light images in Post
  3. Use java script in footer page.
  4. Compressed CSS file.
  5. Use cache Plugin.

If you can’t do it these things in your WordPress website don’t worry about it. I am sharing with you some more effective plugins that can solve your problems.

Best WordPress Optimization plugins:

  • WP-Optimize

You can optimize your WordPress Database without phpMyAdmin. It is very easy to use and it removes all kinds of unnecessary data such as post revisions, unapproved comments, spam queue comments, and trash items.

  •  WP-Clean Up

WP-Clean Up is my one the best plugin which provide you 100% results. Here you can clean your revisions, auto drafts, moderation comments, and spam comments.

  • DB-Manager

The strength of this plugin is allow you to clean up your database. You can also repair, restore, backup, and optimize your database.

Optimize your images:

  • WP-smush.It

This plugin allows you to optimize your images and compress jpg, gif and pang files. This plugin is used for reduce images size and improve performance of website.

How to compress JS Scripts?

  • WP Minify

This plugin to you can compress your CSS and Js files. It will help your website to reduce downloading time.

  • Better WordPress Minify


This plugin allows you to compress your css and js files for faster page loading for your website visitors. It is informal plugin for WordPress user and you can also customize all minify strings. This plugin to you can speed up your WordPress website.

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Top 5 request a quote plugin: Get Quotation from WordPress Website



Are you looking for request a quote plugin for your WordPress website? Then you are at right place wherein, we share some best price estimate and quotation plugins, which can help to your potential customers to send inquiry about your products or services.

Request a quote is a standard business process. Its purpose to invite your customers to bid on your products or services.

If you want to grow your business then, you should have price estimate plugin into your website.

Therefore, your customer can quickly send inquiry thru your website and convert your potential customer into Buyers.

Top 5 request a quote plugins for WordPress

#1 WordPress Quotation Form: Sliced Invoices Plugin

If you want to integrate request a quote or auto invoice functionality into your website. Then, sliced invoice is of the best plugin for you.

Sliced invoice is flexible and well-design invoice plugin for WordPress. Which allows you to send inquiry from your website.

If your client want any product or service’s estimate price. Simply fill the form and they will automatically get estimated quotation on email. Whenever, your client will accept your quotation, then it will automatically “convert into invoice”.

Sliced invoice is designed into html structure. Therefore, you can customize its design and appearance without any trouble.

Sliced invoice is supporting many form plugins such as Gravity forms, contact form 7.

[appbox wordpress sliced-invoices  ]

#2 WordPress Yatti WooCommerce price quote plugin

Do you have woocommerce shopping cart? Then you should have installed Yatti Woocommerce plugin, which gives you professional feature to get client’s inquiry details.

If your customer want to get multiple product’s price or quotation, this is the perfect plugin for you.

Yatii is very old player in this field and gives high quality service and supports. Its best thing is that, it has been updating regularly.

What you can do with Yatti Woocommerce?

  1. Easy to Create and customize request a quote page.
  2. Automatically “Add to quote” button/text in woocommerce product detail page.
  3. Customize text of “Add to quote’ button link

#3 Simple Price Calculator:  Request a quote for Services or Products

If you want to add price calculator features into your products or services page, then this is the ultimate plugin for you.

Simple Price calculator plugin allows you to create your own product price calculator. Where your visitors can get instant product price or quote form your website. Do you know how many visitor are coming on your website? if not then visitor counter plugin can help you.

[appbox wordpress simple-price-calculator-basic ]

#4 Calculated Fields Form:  Request a quote WordPress Plugin

Calculated Fields form is my favorite plugin because its design and functionalities are superb.

You can do many things like create finance calculator, quote calculator, booking cost calculator etc.

Calculated Fields form to you can create dynamic forms and display calculated values into input box.

This plugin able to manage multiple calculated forms. Calculated fields form gives you provision to build dynamic html forms and visual interface.

[appbox wordpress calculated-fields-form ]

#5 Propoza: Request a quote plugin for WooCommerce

If you have WordPress shopping cart website and your website does not have facility of request a quote then you do not get 100% inquiry from your client.

If you website has request a quote feature then your user can easily drop inquiry for your products which you sale online.

What you can do with Propza?

Propoza to you can add online quotation form for your WordPress online store which is directly linked to your product catalog.

You get instant updates when your visitor submit any requests from your shopping site.

You can create price proposals in couple of seconds.

So install this plugin for your shopping site and get business from your visitor.

[appbox wordpress propoza ]

i hope you these request a quote and price estimate plugins for wordpress. These plugins can 100% help you to get more inquiries and grow your business. if you like this post, please share with your friends and on your social media. if you want to more tips and tricks please subscribe us and get more tips like this.

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Top 5+ Best WordPress Event and Calendars Plugins 2016

Event and Calendar plugins are extremely helpful plugins for WordPress Users. These plugins allow them to manage complicated tasks and events like business events management, event registrations, and on-line booking events.



Event and Calendar plugins are extremely helpful plugins for WordPress Users.

These plugins allow them to manage complicated tasks and events like business events management, event registrations, and on-line booking events.

Best Event and Calendar plugins for WordPress 2016

There are unnumbered events and calendar plugins out there in market, however not all of them are excellent for your website.

Reason that, we have planned to create a listing for the most effective event and calendar plugins for your website.

During this article, we are going to discuss regarding the highest top 10 best event and calendar plugins for WordPress website.

Top Best WordPress Events Plugin 2016

Best Event plugins are huge in number, and you need to choose right plugins for as per your requirements.

When it comes for event management, you need to select only one, which is superlative and provides dozens of event management features.

WordPress members have developed good event plugins for WordPress.

These free Event plugins will help to you manage your events and tasks easily.

If you are looking for the best WordPress event plugins. You are at the right place; we have listed some advanced and most powerful WordPress events plugin.

#1 The Events Calendar: Best Plugin for Events and Calendar

 The Events Calendar is excellent plugins for event management. In this plugins, you can easily create and share your events. Mark Jaquith and Pippin Williamson have tested the events calendar plugin.

This is one the best WordPress event plugins because it is very secure and delivers maximum performance.

The event Calendar allows you to create shortcode and apply on anywhere in your WordPress theme.

Simple configure settings and start to create your first events.

Download: The Event Calendar

#2 All-in-One Event Calendar – Event and Calendar plugin

All-In-One event Calendar has professionally designed by Timely.

This is totally SEO optimized plugin. Easy to share your events on social media with add hashtags.

If you want to generate revenue, in this plugin you can create paid event listings.

The event could be filtered by color-code, region, age group, tag and venue.

You can import and sync event feed with timely, google calendar, iCal, and Outlook.

Download: All-in-One Event Calendar

#3 WordPress Event Calendar – Advanced Event Calendar Widget

Are you looking free WordPress event calendar? The Spider event calendar is free event plugin for WordPress.

It gives you features to view events as month view, List, and weekly.

Its design is simple and easy to use. This is fully responsive and used as a widget in sidebar.

You can create unlimited events and events categories.

Download: WordPress Event Calendar

#4 Event Calendar WD

Are you searching an enhanced tool for managing your events? The Event Calendar WD is one of the best event plugin for you. It is offering premium features like

  1. Responsive Design layout.
  2. You can create unlimited calendar and Events
  3. Automatically generate “Structured event markup” for Search Engine
  4. Create unlimited Event Category
  5. Google Map integration with your event
  6. Easy to share your Event on Social Media
  7. View events as a month, Week, Day and list view.

Download: Event Calendar WD

#5 Events Manager – WordPress Events Plugin

Events Manager may be a fully customizable event management tool for WordPress.

The events manager plugin is versatile and given powerful features to manage your important events.

The plugin allows you to manage event registration, recurring event, google map integration, and manage your event locations.

Download: Event Manager

#6 Event Organizer

The Event Organizer is another great event plugin that personally designed and developed by Stephen Harris.

He is quite older member in the best event plugins industry, one the powerful features they have been offering like PosterBoard, CSV Import and export.

Download: Event Organizer

#7 Google Calendar Events

If you are using any event plugins but that is not saving your event in google calendar, then Google Calendar is one the best option for you, which is automatically sync your event to google calendar and save your time.

In addition, this plugin is fetching your google calendar events and show on your page and post.

What’s more added Features: The plugin allows you to support multiple google calendar feeds.

Therefore, you can get information from multiple google calendar and show them to your WordPress website.

Download: Google Calendar Events

I hope you like Event and Calendar plugins for your WordPress website. You have any suggestion regarding event plugins please comment us and share if you have another list for event plugins.

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The Best Free Live Chat WordPress Plugins 2019

If you are looking for the best WordPress live chat plugins. These chat plugins provides you features like live support, solve visitor’s questions.



Today, I will recommend few best free live chat WordPress plugins, which are best for your WordPress website.

These live chat plugins are easy to use and simple to integrate to your live website.

If you want to improve your user experience and increase sales through your website, I am sure these few free chat plugins can help you.

If your website has a live chat facility, then your visitors can ask questions anytime and get a quick response from your website, which can help to you improve sales, customer support and live chat assistance.

WP Live Chat Support

If you do not know programming and you do not wish to do copy and paste of the codes into your web page then WP Live chat support is the best option for you which provides you the best solution for live chat.

This is one of that best fully functional live chat plugin for WordPress.

This plugin can assist you better and will give world class chat experience to your users/ viewers or customers.

[appbox wordpress wp-live-chat-support ]

Zopim : Live Chat WordPress Plugins

Zopim is the most popular chat plugin for WordPress shopping sites. Zopim also gives advanced analytic tools where you easily know about the visitor’s flow and usage patterns.

Zopim is optimised for all devices i.e Mobile, iPad, and Desktop. Now Zopim is available in many languages like Arabic, Russian, Serbian etc.

Zopim’s drawback is only that it is third party software, if you want to access visitor’s full report then you need to login.

[appbox wordpress zopim-live-chat ]

Chat – Live Chat plugin, Support, Sales from Wp-Chat

If you are looking for something simple and free online live chat support plugin, then chat is the best option for you. Chat offers premium features for live support like Multilingual, offline chat messages, analytics reports (google analytics).

It is compatible to WP – 4.4.2. It has up to 3000+ active installed users.

[appbox wordpress chats ]

You may also like to read: Top 7 Visitor Counter plugin for WordPress

Casengo Live Chat plugins

Your website visitors have many questions, they leave your website without getting their answers.

Casengo live chat support to you and your team, who can solve the problem of visitors.

Its best part is if you want to change look and feel of chat box then you can. Here you can easily customize live chat button and form.

Casengo Live Chat plugin is fully optimized for all devices like cell phones and tablets.

[appbox wordpress the-casengo-chat-widget ]

Formilla Live Chat – Real-time Chat Plugin

If you are looking for live chat WordPress plugins and visitor monitoring plugins, Formilla is the greatest online chat plugin for you.

Its design is clean, user-friendly and easy to use.  Fomilla allows you to access live chat in any devices.

Its core features is chat transfer to other available agents.

In this plugin, you can easily customize its look and feels such as height, width, and buttons colors.

[appbox wordpress formilla-live-chat ]

Live Chat by Supsystic

If you want to generate leads and engage your customers on your website.

This is one of the excellent live chat plugin, which is fast and quick responsive plugin.

Its features are unlimited live chats, real-time visitor monitoring, unlimited live chat agents and also manage live chat history with statistic.

[appbox wordpress live-chat-by-supsystic ]

I am very happy to share with you top 6 live chat WordPress plugins for WP Website, Friends if you like this post please share with you, friends and family.

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