Simple way to Share Files from Window or Mac

CloudUp is a very powerful online file sharing software for Mac and Windows users; you can rapidly share any file, document, picture, music, and your personal projects file. This is very user-friendly software for users. Here if you want to share file, just drag and drop files from the desktop to the CloudUp icons in the windows taskbar. If you are using MAC operating system, you can just drag and drop the entire folders to the Cloudup icon, and it will upload your all files and folders on the CloudUp server.

The best part is a link to the uploaded files are manually copied to the clipboard which you can share in the email , text messages, IM, chats and also on the social websites. CloudUp generates the URL while files being uploading in the background, so that there is no waiting time to waste.


The files you uploaded to cloudUp will have a secret. You can also share that file by public URL, so that anyone can access your file and can download them whenever and wherever you want. It also provides password-protected features for your shared files for security.

It takes some time to create a new account; however, if you not want to wait, please follow this link and open your account. Cloudup is not only an application but also offers simple drag-n-drop style file sharing. Droplr (available for both windows users and Mac users) and CloudApp (Mac only).

These applications offer comparable functionality but there are few restrictions on how much data you can share files with the free accounts. With CloudApp you can share up to 10 files a day and the utmost size of a file can be 25 MB whereas Droplr Offers 1 GB of storage and the limit is 25 MB per upload. CloudUp is more liberal – you can Very well upload up to 1,000 files and the utmost size of files is up to 100 MB each!

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