How to Download Facebook Videos Every Facebook User Should Know

Looking for tips or tricks to download your favorite’s videos from Facebook?


In today’s post, I’m going to show you, how to download Facebook videos from online, through browser extensions and Addons.

Let’s jump in:

# Top 5 Extensions and Addons for Download Facebook Videos

If you are looking for best extension for google chrome who can support you to download HD videos from Facebook. These are some best extensions and Addons, which can give you easy way to download videos.

[appbox chromewebstore amjcoehkcacocffpmhnefgoeanepjfkf?hl=en ] [appbox chromewebstore pbbjnobglkpbfmpabbgogbnlffkmgbii?hl=en ] [appbox chromewebstore fhplmmllnpjjlncfjpbbpjadoeijkogc?hl=en ]

I hope these extensions and Addons are best for you. However, if you do not want to install any extensions or Addons.

No Problem!

There are some free websites, which allows you to download videos from Facebook.

# Top 5 Free online Websites to Download Facebook Videos

It is fine if you are using windows or mac desktop.

However, you have mobile and you want to download HD Facebook videos. What you will do?

Do not worry, I show you some best mobile apps for download your favorites Facebook videos.

# Facebook Video Downloader apps for Android and iPhone

[appbox googleplay ] [appbox googleplay video.downloader.mp4&hl=en ]

# How to convert Facebook videos into MP4 or Mp3

Are you looking for Facebook videos download as mp3 audio file? These free online websites can help to convert Facebook videos to mp3.


Which video you would like to download from Facebook just copy that URL and paste into this website. This website allows you to download videos as mp3 and mp4 files.

if hope you like to read this post, if may be you have another best resources for download Facebook videos please inform us or comments us. For more tips and tricks subscribe us and keep tune.

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  1. Hi there! Thanks for providing a sensible review of the applications that are possible to used to download videos on Facebook. I wonder how to download them using my mobile device.. Currently, I am using AceThinker’s Facebook downloader to get videos from Facebook. Though this is a web-based app you need a computer to maximize it. Anyway it is for free so you can download as many as you can. I Thought that this info might help you on your next review, might want to consider it too. If you can recommend apps that works with mobile devices too I will appreciate.

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