Many of you may be wondering about How to delete Temp Files?. Temp files are those files that are saved in our drive that sometimes utilize lot of space in our PC.

So, there might be lot of questions arising in your mind related to temp files like why this temp files are created? How it comes into existence? How to get rid of them? How to delete temp files in windows 10?

Just keep calm! We are here to give you all the answers to the questions that are arising in your mind related to temporary files.

Let get answers of some Questions:

  1. What is meant by Temp Files?
  2. What is the storage path of temp file?
  3. What are the effects of Temp files on windows
  4. What are the benefits of removing temporary files?
  5. How to remove temporary file in windows 10?

What is Meant by Temp files in windows 10?

Temporary files are those files that are created on continuous basis while you are using your system.

 Whenever you use software that allows you to undo, redo, copy and paste at that time windows leave a temporary file that save your old data even after doing the changes.

Temp files are also created when applications need more memory than is available in physical RAM, Windows uses virtual RAM and creates temporary files are created to hold the data.

It is also created when you use your browser or print any documents. But these temp file doesn’t make any changes in your documents or files. Still it is very necessary to delete all the temp files from your windows.

What is the storage path of temp files

There are many storage paths for temporary files, it all depends on which program or software has created them.

The Temporary files that are created by the system are stored in C:\\Windows\Temp. Temp files are also created by applications or softwares that are stored in the user folder in the application’s directory.

The web browser has its own cache storage folder that stores its temporary files. The locations of the temp files many differ, depending on which version of windows you’re using.

What are the Effects Of Temp Files On Windows

At the starting stage there will be no effect of temporary files. But later if the temp files are not removed for long time there are chances that it many affect you system.

It may be the cause of system being slow while working on it or it may give continuous error while using any software or application.

It is better to make a habit of removing all the temporary files after using your system; this will help you in increasing the life of your computer.

What are the Benefits Of Removing Temp Files

There are many benefits of removing temporary files from your windows. Some of them are as follows:

  • It will make your system run smoothly.
  • It will increase life of your System.
  • It will benefit in clearing all the junk files from your PC.
  • And many more.

Always try removing all the temp files to avoid any serious problems in future.

How to Delete Temp Files in Windows 10

There are many ways of removing Temp files from windows 10. Some of them are as follows:


  1. Go to the start menu.
  2. Choose All programs\Accessories\System Tools
  3. Select Disk Cleanup
  4. Under files to delete, choose the file types that you want to remove
  5. Once you select the files that you want to delete, click OK.

Way 2:

Another way to: How to Delete Temp Files Windows 10:

  1. Close all the applications
  2. Click Window Key + R
  3. Type temp
  4. Once the folder is opened, drag all the files to the recycle bin or select them and press delete.

Way 3:

There is one more way to: How to Delete Temp Files Windows 7?

  1. Open the search bar of the start menu
  2. Type %tmp% then press enter
  3. From the folder that is opened, select all and press Shift+Del to delete the temp files.

Therefore, by following any of these ways you can easily get rid of all the temporary files.

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