Word Page Layout : Set Margin and Customize Page Layout

Microsoft Word is a common software for word processing. In this software user may work with WordArt, Macros and solve word page layout issues very easily.

Word files are normally used for sending text document via email, therefore every user can read word.

If you make lots of doc files per day but can’t apply proper styling and adjust page layout then you are at right place where you will learn how to adjust page layout in word 2013.


How to solve word page layout issues?

Ruler for Your word page layout

Ruler is very powerful tool for set margin and padding into word page. You can easily align text and paragraph. If you need to do indent into paragraph then ruler is one of the best way to do it.

How to active ruler in word document?

You can active ruler by first click on View tab find in the Show Group then Click on Ruler. Or you can also use shortcuts hit ALT key + W + R key from keyboard at the same time.

Margin to Set Page Layout

Margin is used for the set top margin, left margin, right margin and bottom margin. You can open this margin from page layout tab and find margin, another way to this hit ALT key + PM from keyboard.

Orientation for set word page layout

Orientation to set your text and paragraph as portrait or landscape. Where to find orientation just click on page layout tab and find orientation. Another way to do it. Hit ALT key + PO from your keyboard.

How to set Paper size in word page layout?

Page size option is a miracle option where you can set any type of page length and height as per your requirement like letter size, letter small, tabloid, ledger, and statements.

If you want to print your text or paragraph in a professional manner then select executive and A4 size.

These are the best ways to align text and paragraph in word page layout, and proper align text into page.

if you make lots of letter or other legal letter it will 100% help you to improve look of your letters. And also help to properly print in paper.

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