Better Ways to Modify CSS Properties with CSS Designer Panel

Better Ways to Modify CSS Properties with CSS Designer Panel

Adobe Dreamweaver has been updating features every years, and now it has modern “CSS Designer panel” where html coder can design layout with CSS without manual code.

The Newest features of Dreamweaver is the creating and editing Cascading Style Sheets very easily.

The new CSS Designer Panel, just drag and drop to manage and edit Cascading Style Sheets in one place. If you are using this features then you don’t need to know good knowledge of CSS here you can manage and edit CSS file by this panel.

What you can do with CSS Designer Panel?

If you are designing website and need to do html, but you getting confuse with html code don’t worry now dreamweaver offers automatic code generate with clean CSS and HTML. You are doing manual coding, then you must clean and clear code for developer and search engine.

  • Source Tab in CSS Designer Panel:

Source tab is one the place where you can create a new CSS file, Attach Existing CSS files, Add CSS code in HTML page. See list of active CSS files, and you can also remove CSS from html page.

  • @Media Tab in CSS Designer Panel:

In this panel you can define media query for different kinds of devices such as tablet and mobile and laptops. Left side of media tab “+” icon and define media query for devices and copy code from code text-area and paste into your html page.

  • Selector Tab:

it is my hot favorites tab because it has very unique feature which give you facility for search any selector in CSS so that you can search edits that selector very well.

  • Properties Tab in CSS Designer Panel:

this panel to manage height and width just drag and drop. You can also modify padding margin, and float. You can also delete and disable code by icons.

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Visual design tool in Dreamweaver CC which offer facilities to edit, create, and modify any css selector. In visual design tool to you can set margin, padding, and position with just drag and drop. If you need to delete or disable selector just use click on icons and you see that selector will disable, and also you can remove links of selectors.

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