Add Google events with Google Search Box

If you are a business man, student or doctor you need to manage your time first. We are using lots of free app and software to manage time.

Now these days Google calendar is one of the best option for manage time and events.

Today I show you cool techniques to add google event in google calendar.

Any Device to Add Google Events

Now you can create or add Google events with The Google search app in any smart phone or tablets. When you use voice command in The Google search app, it’s automatically convert your voice command to the text command.

You can also use these things in Desktop chrome browser.

Follow these method to add events in Google calendar.

Mobile Device to Add Google Events

First you need to open Google search app and give command “create events Sunday at 9 am Go for Picnic”, follow the instructions of your mobile, which will show you.

Desktop Google chrome to Add Google Events

Open you chrome browser and open Google homepage then type “create events Sunday at 9pm Go for Picnic”. You will see create event link bellow of google search box. Create events directly from Google search box.

Follow this screen cast:

google calander events

If you are managing lots of meetings, events, and other reminder Google calendar is one of the place for managing time and events very easily.

It is automatically remind your events with SMS.

I think you like this topic how to add Google events in Google calendar.

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