Cleanup CSS and HTML codes by Dreamweaver CS-6

Dreamweaver is one the finest code editor for designer and developer. Here you can create and manage HTML, CSS, JS and PHP files very easily. Sometimes we are doing coding as per our condition but Do you know your code is tidying or perfect structuring for search engine?

Advantages of Cleanup CSS and HTML Codes

The advantages of clean code in html and well organized CSS. If your code is immaculate, it will load more quickly and fast appear in the search engine. If your code is clean and well organized then search engine can understand your code and content of your webpage. It also help to your visitor for easily read content and view nice looking design.

Easy ways to clean up and reduce size of your code

Dreamweaver provide you automatic source formatting features where you can just select your code and apply this method. It will magically clean up your code of html.

How to formatting and beautifier html code?

If you are using Dreamweaver CS6 then not need any extensions or plugin for formatting codes. You can simple ways to formatting html code.

  1. Open Your Dreamweaver.
  2. Click on Code View in Document tab.
  3. Click on Commands menu then select “Apply Source Formatting”.
  4. Now your Code is looking cool.

How to cleanup and beautifier CSS code?

This methods to you can reduce size of CSS codes. Follow these easy steps which can give your features to optimize your CSS scripts.

  1. Click on Edit menu
  2. Select Preference or use keyboard Shortcuts “Ctrl + U”.
  3. Select left side menu : Code format
  4. Advanced formatting: click on CSS button.
  5. Popup CSS Source Format Options.
  6. Unchecked each property on separate line.
  7. Click on and Apply.


CSS and HTML Code optimization

Online optimize your CSS and JS scripts

Code Beautifier: this is one of the best online code formatting and optimization website for CSS and JS.

Clean CSS: just copy and paste your code it will automatic beatify your CSS code.

ProCSSor: it is superb and simple way to format your CSS, HTML, and JS codes.



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