7 Ways to improve your online work with Plugin Chrome

 Send from Gmail   If you use google chrome and use Gmail too, this extension will direct every email link to Gmail window instead of shooting up MS Outlook.  No need to copy and paste any more. On top of that you can right away email URL to any page you are reading this extension. This extension makes it much better and easy to spam out.

Google Mail Checker– The one and only feature what is missing in gmail compared to desktop-based mail people is that, unless and until you have opened your gmail, you will not get instant notification regarding new mails. The Google Mail Checker extensions keeps a track of your unread Gmail messages next to chrome address bar and on click will open gmail tab.

IE tab– some websites are exclusively optimized for Internet Explorer. This extension creates a virtual IE browser in Chrome. With the use of this extension, there is no need to open two different browsers, now one will do all for you.

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer– This Docs PDF/PowerPoint extension in Chrome will be able to send any PDF or Powerpoint link to Google Docs, where the document can be printed, read and saved quickly and easily.

Fastest Chrome–   This extension will give you a different yet fast web searches. This extension will offer you additional results pages which will automatically get reloaded, so you just need to scroll down and down, this extension is very fast and addictive.

 Top Autoplay for YouTube– there are many extensions in Chrome to stop videos from automatically playing but this one is a must to use, this extension stops the autoplay  but still pre-buffers the video for those who are having slow internet connections.

Feedly– a best and must use for readers.If you have bookmarked RSS feeds from Twitter, Delicious,  Youtube, Google reader, this extension is must for you then. The Feedly extension automatically imports your feeds and then arranges the content into eye-catching magazine page, also keeps a track of your unread items.

GooglePreview– This extension is simple and easy. It simply adds a thumbnail to the left of google search result showing a snapshot of listed websites. This is very useful to remind the sites you have visited but didn’t bookmarked.

These Best plugin Chrome extensions will get you started down the street to more efficient, effective Web browsing, but they’re just the beginning.

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