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Best Home Security Camera | Latest Outdoor & Indoor Security Cameras 2019

In today’s fast life, what will happen in the next few seconds no one knows. We don’t know what is going to happen to us. so these home security cameras can help you all the time at your place, if you are looking indoor security camera or outdoor security camera.

As we all know in this fast life, many incidences are happening around us. Right?

For Example Incidences like theft, accidents, kidnapping and many more. We take these incidences lightly because this had never happened to us.

But have you ever thought of what if these incidents happen with you or any of your close ones?

Yes, just by thinking these things we get scared. No matter what the situation is all we want is the security of our family and friends.

Thanks to the technologies that made our work easier. Due to all the safety gadgets, we can keep watch on our precious things.

Well, many home security cameras can make our lives easier but the biggest question is how to find the best home security camera system? 

All of your questions will be answered here. We will provide you top 5 list of best indoor and outdoor security camera.

First of all, let’s go through some key points that you should keep in mind before purchasing any wireless home security camera system.

But there are some questions that you should know before purchasing the camera.

Where you are going to use this security camera?

The first thing that you should know is where you are going to use the home security camera system that you will buy.

We mentioned this point because according to indoor and outdoor use the features of the camera may differ. 

However, the fact is that both the indoor security camera and the outdoor security camera system will be helpful in the monitoring system. 

Moreover, there is one more additional quality in the outdoor security system i.e. is comes weather-proof. 

Does internet broadband support the camera?

Well, the biggest question is that does your interned broadband supports the home security camera

A camera that works with the support of internet broadband is considered as the best camera.

Whenever you are out of your home or office then this type of camera will help you in live streaming the video.

Moreover, the amount of broadband that your camera uses depends on the quality of image and video that is been captured in the security camera.

 What is the difference between a security camera and surveillance camera?

However, the term security camera and surveillance camera is misunderstood. There is a slight difference in the home security camera and surveillance camera.

The surveillance type of camera is passive which means it can observe and record whatever was captured in their field of view.

However, security cameras are active which means aside from watching and recording whatever is happening, and it can provide alerts of unexpected incidents.

Key Points for Best Home Security Camera

Today choosing the best security came is not at all easy because various kinds of features are available in every security camera.

But before listing the top five best budget IP cameras or best security camera we will learn some key points for a best home security camera.

The following are the key points that you should know before purchasing the home security camera:

  •  Camera Quality and resolution

Today many cameras provide high-resolution picture quality of videos. 

A resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels should be enough. However, if you are not tight on the budget, then a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels will always be best.

If you are purchasing a home security camera then don’t compromise with the quality. Because there is no use of the camera that doesn’t provide proper resolution.

  •  Recording in camera

A security camera record whatever is happening around but where do these video clips go when that storage is full.

However, various options are available where you can store all these footages. You can use memory cards to store the footage. 

You can also use a hard drive to store the recordings. It has enough storage.

  •  Does it have Infrared LEDs and Lens?

When you buy a security camera, check does it have infrared lights? They are small red lights around the lens of the camera which are used to increase night vision.

These lights will help you to detect whether the cameras are in a working status or not. 

If your camera cannot cover or record any set at night, it is almost of no use because risky incidents often occur then. Night vision plays a shady role in your safety.

Now, after looking for these key features let’s move ahead and see the top 5 best and latest home security camera with lowest price and high quality device for you. 

  1. Wyze Cam 1080p HD – Best Home Security Camera 2019

Well, our first best home security camera is Wyze Cam 1080p HD. Wyze is one of the latest camera of 2019.

indoor security camera

This camera can easily detect when a person enters and notify you. You can also filter your videos using on-device AI person detection.

The resolution of this camera is 1080p Full HD. You can even live stream videos directly to your smart phone with day and night vision. It works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network.

This home security camera has motion tagging feature. It outlines motion in both live stream and play back video modes.

It gives instant alerts and also notifies you with 12 second event video when it detects motion or sound.

In addition, Wyze Cam stores the recording in local storage and you can also store it in micro SD card. The image sensor type is CMOS Sensor.

Wyze Home security camera also works with Alexa and Google assistant. It has field view of 114 degrees.

  • Specification

Max resolution: 1080p

Wired/Wireless: Wired

Viewing angle: 114 degrees

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor security camera

Two-way audio: Yes

Storage: Cloud/Micro SD

  • YI 1080p Home Camera – Wireless Home Security Camera

YI 10080p Home Camera provides 24/7 emergency response service. The motion alert and live video has been improved with noon light’s certified emergency.

Outdoor security camera

YI has 24/7 Full HD recording feature. It has 0 Aperture, 112 wide-angle lens, 1080p/15fps to record clear video and pictures.

Using the two-way audio you can receive and transmit audio from any location with a Wi-Fi connection.

This home security camera has enhanced night vision. It also gives you active alerts and has motion detection feature. This feature uses the state of art technology to detect and send notifications to your phone.

In YI cam you can store the footage in micro SD memory card or YI cloud subscription.

Supports YI cloud to avoid the risk of losing footage from a micros memory card, and ensures all recorded video is safe, secure, and protected with the most efficient compression and highest protection of data.

  • Specification

Max resolution: 1080p

Wired/Wireless: Wireless

Viewing angle: 180 degrees

Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor security camera

Two-way audio: Yes

Storage: Cloud or micro SD

  • Heimvision HM203 1080p Security Camera

Heimvision HM203 comes among top 5 best home security cameras. It has 1080p HD video live stream to your smartphone day and night.

Indoor security camera

All you need to do is just install the app and connect it and then you can control it with your mobile phone.

Heimvision is a security camera with motion and sound detection. Even after the detection it will notify you.

 HM203 is a smart camera. It has night vision and two-way audio feature. In low light it automatically switches to night vision mode.

It is a reliable Wi-Fi camera with user friendly app. You can use the app both in iOS and android.

The footage stores in local storage or cloud storage. Local backup supports up to 128 GB micro SD card. You can review, save, playback and share footage at any time.

  • Specification

Max resolution: 1080p

Wired/Wireless: Wireless

Viewing angle: 110 degrees

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor security camera

Two-way audio: Yes

Storage: Cloud or micro SD

  • Larkkey 1080 Wi-Fi Home Smart Camera – Best Indoor Security Camera

Larkkey 1080p is also one of the best smart home security cameras. It has both day and night vision.

Indoor security camera

Moreover, it supports Alexa too. All you need to do is ask Alexa to show your any of the room you wish to see.

It is 1080o full HD live stream camera with wide angle. You can directly connect it with your smart phone with Wi-Fi networks.

It has two-way audio feature that allows you to receive and transmit audio form any location.

Moreover, motion tagging technology detects and outlines motion both in live stream and play back video.

It supports both iOS and android mobile devices. The app allows you to share the footage with your family members or friends.

The app of Larkkey works with all the Larkkey smart home devices. Moreover, it allows easy control of your home with your mobile device.

The footage can be stored both in local storage and micro SD.

  • Specification

Max resolution: 1080p

Wired/Wireless: Wireless

Viewing angle: 130 degrees

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor security camera

Two-way audio: Yes

Storage: Cloud or micro SD

  • Victure 1080P Home Security Camera – Best Indoor Security Camera

Victure 1080p home security camera is real 1080p full HD camera with perfect night vision. It displays various angles.

Indoor security camera

It has 850nm IR infrared LED technology that extends the viewing distance up to 30 feet in pitch dark. It has super night vision with ultra-clear perception and visual impact.

Moreover, it also has two-way audio and other call modes with anti-noise technology for microphones and speakers.

Victure home security camera has smart motion detection feature and real time activity alerts. It will monitor all the movements and then notify you if something happens.

In addition, it has easy and quick installation facility. You can connect with the app anytime anywhere.

Victure smart and best wireless indoor security camera works with AI cloud. You can save the footages in the cloud itself. Or you can even store it in micro SD.

  • Specification

Max resolution: 1080p

Wired/Wireless: Wireless

Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor security camera

Two-way audio: Yes

Storage: Cloud or micro SD

  • Conclusion

So, the above were some top 5 best home security cameras of 2019. 

Hope this article was helpful for you to choose the best security camera for your home. 

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