Android Apps : Free and Premium File manager app Android

Android Apps : Free and Premium File manager app Android

Android is most popular mobile OS in the world’s market place. Android’s good things is that user can access any file without requiring you to “root” the tablet or phone. What is the use of File Manager App in smart phone? File Manager App android to you can do lots of tasks such as create folders, new files, search files, and share files. So Today I will share with you top 4 file manager apps for android which can make your work easy and fast.

Astro File Manager App Android:

Astro file manager app’s awesome things is that you can manage your local files and cloud files. If you want to share your file this has very attractive features where you can share your file easily. It is also support many cloud service providers like google drive, drop box, and SkyDrive. You can do many tasks at same place such rename files, share files, copy and move files one place other place. You can view your files by category like Documents, Music, Picture, and Videos. This apps to you can manage backups, uninstall apps and change preferences.

ES File Explorer:

This is modest application where you can do many things like manage files, folders and you can connect with cloud services. Here you can also upload and delete files from FTP servers, LAN shares, and FGP servers.

ES File Explorer’s Key Features:

  • View files by icons and List
  • Connect with Server: LAN Share, FTP Server and FGP server.
  • Layout Design is simple and easy to use.
  • Operations : Create New folders, Cut folders and files, Copy, Rename, Delete, Move to, Copy to, Music, Select all, Shortcuts, Manage Bookmarks and Favorites and File Compress in (Encrypt format).

Root Explorer:

Root explorer is a free File Manager App for your android phones and tablets. In this apps user can Delete, Rename, Copy and bookmarks folders or files very easily. You can also create New Files, Search Files, Zip folders and files, but its design is not attractive.

Solid Explorer:

Solid Explore is one of the best apps for file managing. Here you can perform many tasks at place. Its design and interface is very attractive. Its strength is you can do many tasks like cut, copy, delete, and share. This apps has very latest features such as connect with cloud server, Share file with FTP, and very attractive layout with great color combination. You can also perform basic operations like create files, cut files, delete files, send to, move to, paste, past too and many more.

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