Adjustment Layer to Create Marvelous Effects

Adjustment Layer to Create Marvelous Effects

Adjustment layer is one of the best features in Photoshop CS6. These adjustments are used for non-destructive edits.  Adjustment layer very easy to use.  In this features you can perform many adjustments for example levels, auto contrast, auto colors, mask, curves, color balance and brightness. You can use opacity, masks, and blend mode so it is quit powerful in Photoshop.  If you don’t know about it don’t worry, I am sure you will happy to learn this features.

 What you can do with Adjustment Layer?

  • Brightness-Contrast:

if you want to use brightness and contrast in your image, please don’t do with your “image menu bar”. I am not recommend to you. Because, it used self-pixel which you can’t change or modify after save the file. You can also use auto control which makes your image better. Brightness panel has sliding option, which can help you to modify the amount of the brightness and change the contrast.


  • Levels:

Level has histogram which provides you knowledge of dark and light pixels into your image.  If you want to remove light and or increase light into photo then you can use level adjustment layer.


  • Curves:

it is one the best option for edit image’s tone, and apply dark and light shades into image. You can manipulate the curve shape to apply and adjustment brightness and contrast effect into your photo.


  • Exposure:

this is use for control highlights and tweak the shadows, gamma correction into images.


  • Vibrance:

it is only use into under-saturated colors, and it is controlling Saturation colors in image.


  • Hue and Saturation:

This features to you can change saturation effect of whole image or adjust individual channels.  

  • Color Balance:

Here Sliding control to you can easily change colors, Achieve right color balance for your photos.


  • Black & White:

This icon to you can convert colorful to black and white color.

  • Photo Filter:

it is apply color filter into image and also you can set density color into your images.

  • Channel Mixture:

Adjust the blend of colors that makeup the image by channel.

  • Invert:  

This features to you can create a quickly negative image or you can use shortcut just press “CMD/Ctrl + I”.

  • Posterize:

Use the Sliding to control brightness level of each color.

  • Selective Color:

Use this Adjustment layer control to adjust the color of the exact color into your images.


In this topic, I think so you have learned about how to edits images and create fanciful effects. This adjustment layer to you can make many effects at sample place.  Please share this topic to your friends and family.

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